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“Let’s go round the room and everyone can introduce themselves” – stop right there. Impactful team-building shouldn’t be a static, theoretical exercise. To match employee expectations, employers are getting far more creative in their approach, leading to an increased demand for bonding outside the boardroom. In fact, 82% of employees say they want more regular team-building events. But how can you deliver an activity that is not only fun, but can also boost productivity and positive working relationships?

Team-building activities have the power to drastically improve communication, collaboration, and camaraderie within the workforce.

But who wants to carve out an hour of their busy work schedule for a dull team session in a stuffy office? No wonder they’re often compulsory (something that has been shown to hinder effectiveness). By offering staff the opportunity to take part in a voluntary away-day with their colleagues, you’ll have a group of enthusiastic participants ready to grow.

Taking your staff out of the office environment will free their mind of work worries and give them the chance to socialise in a casual setting. Meanwhile,  fun, consequence-free challenges can increase trust and team cohesion in a more natural, unguarded way.

Here’s our top suggestions for activities and away-days.

Scavenger Hunt

The activity that ticks all the boxes – team-based, inclusive, active, fun, affordable and away from the office. It’s so adaptable you can even create a hunt yourself, drawing on your local knowledge of interesting buildings, monuments and historical facts for inspiration. If that’s not an option, there are plenty of companies to choose from in most major cities.

Charitable Work

Taking part in charitable or community initiatives is something all organisations should consider. Many employees will jump at the chance to make a positive impact on the world, and the work they’ll be doing teaches the benefits of putting aside personal concerns and coming together for the common good. All the better if an employee already volunteers in their spare time – having colleagues rally around their cause will have the whole team brimming with collective pride.

Escape Room

An increasingly popular activity that’s a great rainy-day alternative to a scavenger hunt. Pit your team’s wits against a series of fiendishly tricky puzzles, and against the clock, to unlock the door in time. This one requires putting your heads together and will promote keeping calm under pressure, as well as lateral thinking.

Cookery Classes

A wholesome option providing benefits both personal and professional. We all have a different level of comfort in the kitchen, so this option can mix up the playing field. Your team may find a fresh dynamic between senior and junior colleagues that helps them connect, and they’ll leave with new practical skills and a full belly. What’s not to love? Our partners Cookery School run fantastic team courses in London, which we’ve had the pleasure of taking part in ourselves.

Survival Skills

Unlock your team’s inner Bear Grylls with one of London’s many bushcraft and survival skills courses. These range from learning foraging, fire and shelter-making skills, to I’m A Celeb… style bug eating. It might not be for everyone, but this activity is guaranteed to fully engage participants, challenge their resourcefulness, help them to face their fears, and deliver a shared sense of achievement.


A bold and adventurous choice – if staff are game, play (paint)ball! You may be picturing a muddy forest when you think of paintball arenas, but you’d be surprised how many city-based options exist. There’s no better ice-breaker than seeing your colleagues in paint-splattered overalls!

Fun, interesting, or exciting days like the ones listed above can bring to light hidden talents, smooth over misunderstandings, and forge strong bonds between co-workers both old and new. The benefits are countless, and we recommend locking in at least one away-day at the start of every year.

Looking to build your team with new members of staff? Tiger are here to help! Please get in touch today and a consultant will talk through your needs.

Author Rebecca Siciliano Tiger Recruitment Team

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