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Secretarial recruitment London

Tiger Recruitment is a market-leading secretarial recruitment agency in London. We recruit secretarial staff for top businesses across a wide range of industries, including financial services, legal, professional services, healthcare, not-for-profit, tech, property, FMCG and executive search, in London and internationally. We can assist with sourcing:

  • Audio secretaries
  • Junior secretaries
  • Legal secretaries
  • Shorthand secretaries
  • Team secretaries

We work with companies of every size, including global multi-nationals and SMEs, meaning that whatever kind of secretarial staff you are looking for, we have the candidate for you.


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benefits of hiring a secretary

A secretary can look after a range of responsibilities, assisting the wider team with administrative tasks. They can ensure your business has an effective filing system and help with photocopying, binding and scanning of important company documentation.

A secretary will also be able to assist with diary and inbox management, as well as travel planning and meeting logistics, ensuring that you can focus on other tasks at hand.

Ensuring all incoming calls are answered quickly and efficiently, a secretary will often cover for the receptionists and equally assist the senior PA with admin tasks. As the trusted secretarial recruitment agency in London, we can help find you someone that will improve and enhance each working day.

How to hire a secretary

To avoid any mistakes when hiring a secretary, follow our steps below:

  1. Once you’ve realised you need to hire a secretary, set aside some time with the line manager to run through the job spec and ensure the brief is up-to-date.
  2. Secretarial recruitment differs depending on the seniority of the role, the team and the business. For this reason, it’s helpful for us to have a face-to-face or video meeting with you to fully understand the scope of the position and the required soft skills. It’s really important to understand how the role is likely to interact with the different personalities of the team.
  3. Following the meeting, we’ll craft a tailored job ad and publish it on our website and relevant online job boards. Having recruited secretaries since 2001, our database will also present a number of highly-qualified and pre-registered candidates for the position.
  4. We meet all candidates face-to-face or via video, ensure that they are fully skills-tested (including MS Office and additional testing for specific requirements) and reference-checked before they are shortlisted. As part of this process, we assess the values of the applicant and make sure that any relevant details are included as part of their profile summary.
  5. Throughout the secretary hiring process, we request comprehensive feedback from yourselves and our candidates to ensure your employer brand is protected and our candidates are able to develop their skills.
  6. Our service doesn’t stop at the acceptance of a job offer. Once you’ve hired your secretary, we’ll stay in touch with you and your new hire throughout the probation period as well.
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What to look for in your secretarial candidates

You’ll need to partner with a secretarial recruitment agency who can find exceptional candidates to meet the demanding needs of a secretarial job.

Our secretarial recruitment team is made up of experienced permanent and temporary consultants who are qualified to advise you on the most appropriate support. We can deliver informative and concise shortlists, ensuring that you receive honest feedback throughout the recruiting process.

When hiring secretarial staff, it’s important to understand exactly what to look for in your candidates. A great secretary will possess the following attributes:

  • Excellent organisational and time management skills
  • Ability to prioritise and work well under pressure
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Eye for detail
  • Proactive attitude

We undertake a stringent screening process, relying significantly on candidate referrals and our thorough database to ensure each shortlisted candidate is suited to the role and culture of the organisation. With our expert consultants’ transparent approach, you’ll be kept informed throughout the entire process.

Hiring a team secretary

The role of a team secretary is similar to that of a PA in terms of general day-to-day responsibilities and tasks. The main difference, as the name suggests, is that this person will look after the administrative needs of a team rather than one or two senior level executives.

An effective team secretary will manage several diaries, often acting as the first point of contact over the phone as well as organising meetings and appointments. Supporting large teams can be incredibly demanding, so it’s crucial to identify the right individual who has the skill and experience of working under pressure. With extensive relevant experience recruiting for professional services clients, our expert consultants understand the team secretary job description and requirements of team secretary recruitment.

Shorthand secretary recruitment

A shorthand secretary differs from a traditional secretary in their ability to transcribe, incredibly quickly, lengthy and complex dictation notes or meeting minutes. They will usually support one or two key senior business executives in day-to-day operations and administrative duties and can prove invaluable to any manager who requires detailed and accurate typing of key meetings, events, reports and voice memos. An instrumental member of the team, a shorthand secretary’s job description also includes assisting with tasks ranging from complex travel and meeting co-ordination, to managing the archiving and filing systems in the office.

Hiring an audio secretary

An audio secretary’s role essentially lies in translating copy or audio tapes and accurately capturing the information so it can be used in company documentation. This entails word processing, creating Excel spreadsheets and maintaining the company filing systems.

The audio secretary will be a skilled touch typist as they’ll often need to type at a standard talking speed, transcribing dictated audio. This role is not to be confused with a transcriptionist, who will typically listen to audio of someone speaking naturally. This type of role is commonly employed by professional services firms and the health sector. To understand if an audio secretary is right for your role, take a look at our audio secretary job description template.

Legal secretary recruitment

As a legal secretary recruitment agency, we know how important the role of a legal secretary is to many law offices. Their tasks typically include carrying out research, producing legal documents, attending court and responding to enquiries from clients. Essentially, they support paralegals and lawyers, but can communicate directly with attorneys, witnesses and those who work in a courtroom. They need to be logical, organised, determined and focussed, as they need to read through, sort and produce a high volume of documents.

Junior secretary recruitment

A junior secretary will typically form part of the secretarial team and assist the other secretaries with overflow administrative tasks. As part of a junior secretary’s job description, they’ll be responsible for the maintenance of an effective filing system and help with the photocopying, binding and scanning of important company documentation.

They may also support the facilities function with sorting mail, managing and booking couriers and distributing deliveries.

As many junior secretaries are starting out in their career, we don’t look for extensive experience in their CVs. Instead, when we interview, we’re looking for key character traits such as enthusiasm, motivation and a desire to learn. They’ll have excellent written and verbal communication skills, as well as a basic competency with MS Office packages, especially Word and Excel.

Frequently asked questions

Find a few of our most frequently asked questions below. If you have further questions about the secretarial recruitment process, get in touch today!

What industries does Tiger recruit secretarial staff for?

We recruit secretarial staff for top businesses across a wide range of industries including financial services, creative, legal, professional services, healthcare, not-for-profit, tech, property, FMCG and executive search, in London and internationally.

How do you go about sourcing exceptional secretarial candidates?

We assess and select candidates based on several criteria. These include skills and professional experience as well as personality and attitude. We also take time to understand a candidate’s values to ensure the perfect alignment with your business.

How experienced are the secretarial candidates you source?

From junior secretaries to the more experienced, we can source a comprehensive range of secretarial staff. We take the time to understand your administrative hiring requirements, as well as the values of your business to ensure that the shortlist we send is well-matched.

What is your average time to fill a secretarial vacancy?

Having recruited secretaries since 2001, we have an extensive network of secretarial candidates and will be able to locate suitable candidates and get them interviewing quickly and with minimum fuss. We fill 95% of our same-day requirements within the hour and aim to fill permanent secretarial roles within 3 weeks of briefing.

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