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Finance and Accounting Recruitment Specialists

Tiger Recruitment is a bespoke finance recruitment agency. We source talented finance and accounting professionals for employers across London, the UK and around the world. Our team is made up of experienced finance recruitment specialists who are equipped to advise and guide our clients through the entire recruiting process. Finding exceptional finance and accounting candidates is a difficult and important process for any business, so partnering with a professional staffing agency is the best strategic option.

We work closely with our clients to source the very best finance and accounting professionals across a variety of industries. Some of the finance and accounting roles that we recruit for include Bookkeeper, Accounts Assistant, Financial Accountant, Credit Controller, Risk and Compliance Officer and Finance Manager/Director.

Headquartered in London and with teams in NYC, Dubai and Zurich, our extensive global network of experienced finance and accounting specialists are on hand to deliver, no matter the requirement. From Payroll Assistants to Financial Analysts, we can help.

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Types of Finance Recruitment

At Tiger Finance, we specialise in placing highly skilled accounting professionals who can handle a range of financial responsibilities, from complex risk management to financial reporting and planning.

Below we go through the main types of finance recruitment:

Transactional Finance

Transactional finance encompasses the day-to-day financial transactions that keep your business running smoothly. These financial roles handle critical functions like accounts payable and accounts receivable. If you’re looking to hire professionals who can manage these essential financial activities, we can connect you with the right candidates to support your business operations.

Financial Reporting and Control

Financial reporting and control focus on managing and reporting your company’s financial data. This includes preparing financial statements and ensuring compliance with accounting standards. Senior management roles like a Senior Financial Controller are crucial as they provide accurate financial insights that aid in decision-making. We can also help you hire an accountant to meet your financial reporting needs.

Financial Planning and Analysis

Financial planning and analysis roles focus on projecting future financial outcomes and strategising to drive your business forward. We can assist you with hiring a financial planner to elevate your financial strategy and optimise your business planning, ensuring your business is prepared for growth and long-term sustainability.

Governance, Risk and Compliance

It’s crucial to ensure your organisation adheres to laws and regulations while effectively managing potential financial risks. We excel in sourcing experts in governance, risk, and compliance to help protect your business. These professionals will help you with complex regulations and enhance your risk management strategies.

Our Finance Specialties Cover

Our Finance Specialties Cover

Explore our specialised finance recruitment services to see how we can meet your specific hiring needs.

Family Office

Family offices specialise in managing private wealth, requiring professionals who can handle personal financial planning and investments. We offer personal finance recruitment to find skilled individuals who can effectively manage and grow your private wealth.

Commerce and Industry

Corporate finance recruitment for commerce and industry sectors involves finding finance professionals who can drive business growth and manage financial operations effectively. If you’re looking to recruit a finance director or financial professionals with specialised experience, we’re here to guide you through the recruitment process. We can help you recruit for roles in Audit & Assurance, Corporate Finance, Forensic Accounting, Insolvency, and Corporate Recovery.

Financial Services

The financial services sector requires highly specialised knowledge in areas such as banking, investments, and taxes. We can help you hire an accountant for taxes, analysts for investment strategies, and actuaries for insurance risk assessments, among other crucial roles.

Charities and Public Sector Organisations

Charities and public sector organisations often operate under tight budget constraints and require efficient financial management. Connect with us for public sector finance recruitment to hire finance professionals who are not only skilled but also passionate about making a difference.


Our finance division is experienced in recruiting exceptional financial talent for a diverse range of clients, including SMEs, FTSE-listed blue-chip companies, banking and financial institutions, and accountancy firms. No matter your business size or industry, we make it our priority to understand your specific requirements so that we’re able to source the most appropriate candidates for you.

We focus on delivering outstanding customer service to ensure your recruitment process is smooth and to help build lasting relationships with all our clients. We are always available to offer you advice on various recruitment matters, including market insights, salary guidance, and holiday entitlements. Our commitment extends beyond placing a candidate, as we pride ourselves on providing excellent aftercare to ensure you feel continuously supported.

If you’re looking to recruit finance staff for your company, please contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Finance and Accounting Roles We Recruit For

Our experience in recruiting finance and accounting staff has allowed us to understand the nuances across different finance and accounting roles. As such, we can assist with sourcing junior, part-qualified or qualified candidates for the following positions:

  • Accounts Assistant
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Receivable Manager
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Payable Manager
  • Payroll Officer
  • Payroll Manager
  • Fund Accountant
  • Compliance Assistant
  • Compliance Manager
  • Head of Compliance
  • Analyst
  • Credit Controller
  • Credit manager
  • Bookkeeper
  • Accountant
  • Finance Manager
  • Financial Controller
  • Finance Director
  • CFO

If we don’t have the perfect candidate on the books for your specific finance and accounting role, we will proactively source your shortlist.

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Why Partner with a Professional Finance and Accounting Staffing Agency?

Speed up the hiring process

At Tiger Finance, we accelerate your hiring process by tapping into our extensive network of finance and accounting talent. Our powerful sourcing tools and vast existing database of vetted candidates allow us to quickly find finance staff for your needs. This efficiency ensures that you fill your vacancies faster, keeping your operations running smoothly.

Access to the best candidates

Top candidates don’t have time to search job boards. Instead, they turn to specialist finance and accounting recruitment agencies that they can trust to find them the right role. Our years of dedicated relationship-building with finance professionals mean we have deep connections across the industry. This ensures that we can reach candidates who may not be actively seeking new roles but are open to the right opportunities.

Market knowledge

Our deep understanding of the finance and accounting market sets us apart from other finance recruitment agencies. Our specialist recruiters use their industry expertise to determine the exact qualities and skills needed for your company’s role. Once a relationship has been built and we understand your company’s culture and goals, this also makes any future hires easier and faster.

Easier finance and accounting hiring

We’re here to simplify your finance and accounting recruitment process. We handle everything from screening resumes to assessing candidate compatibility with your corporate values and culture. Our thorough approach means you only meet candidates who truly fit your specified criteria, streamlining your decision-making process.

Permanent and Contract Finance and Accounting Staffing Solutions

Permanent and Contract Finance and Accounting Staffing Solutions

We have established finance and accounting recruiters who specialise in finding roles for temporary, contract, and permanent finance professionals working across London, the UK, and further afield. Our consultants take a tailored approach to sourcing staff to suit your business requirements, which is what makes us stand out from other finance recruitment agencies.

Companies We Work With

Tiger Finance works with a range of businesses across a variety of industries. Our finance and accounting recruiters work with investment banks, private equity firms, family offices, property companies, and creative companies, to name but a few.


While Tiger Finance is headquartered in London, we also have offices in New York, Dubai, and Zurich. This allows us to work with companies around the world including Europe, the MENA region, and the US.

If you’re looking to hire finance and accounting staff in London, Tiger Recruitment has offices in both the West End and the City.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find a few of our most frequently asked questions below. If you have further questions about the finance and accounting recruitment process, get in touch today!

What is recruitment in finance?

Recruitment in finance involves identifying and hiring individuals with specific financial skills and qualifications to fill finance-related positions in various organisations. This process includes evaluating candidates to ensure they meet the role requirements and culture of the organisation.

What types of finance and accounting roles does Tiger Finance specialise in?

Tiger Finance recruits for temporary, contract and permanent finance and accounting roles at all levels of seniority.  The types of roles we recruit for include but are not limited to: Bookkeeper, Accounts Payable/Receivable, Credit Controller, Payroll Officer, Financial/Management Accountant, Risk and Compliance Officer, Finance Manager, Financial Controller and Finance Director.

What types of companies do you work with?

We work with companies across Industry & Commerce, Financial Services and Public Practice. Our clients range from SMEs to FTSE-listed companies.

Do you only work with companies based in London?

In addition to our London based headquarters, Tiger Recruitment has offices in Zurich, Dubai, and New York, so we are also able to work with companies based in Europe, the MENA region, and the US.

How do you go about sourcing exceptional Finance & Accounting candidates?

We find great candidates through our extensive database, wide network, and effective sourcing tools. When shortlisting, we will consider the professional background of each candidate alongside their values, qualifications, experience, skill set and projected candidate-organisation fit.

Why should I choose to work with Tiger Finance?

We take pride in delivering outstanding customer service to our clients, offering a bespoke approach to understand your requirements and source exceptional talent for your company. Our service doesn’t end once we have placed a candidate; we provide excellent aftercare because we are passionate about building long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Does Tiger Finance offer any additional services?

In addition to recruiting exceptional candidates for your company, we are always available for clients who require information or advice on other recruitment matters such as holiday entitlement, market knowledge, or salary/hourly rate guidance.

How can you guarantee that you will find the best candidate for my company?

Our experience in recruiting finance and accounting staff and our vast pool of excellent candidates ensure that we understand your requirements and find a suitable match for you. If we don’t have the perfect candidate on the books for your needs we will proactively source your shortlist.

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