Rebecca Siciliano

Rebecca Siciliano

Managing Director


With over fifteen years’ experience recruiting support staff, Rebecca’s expertise and naturally engaging character make her an invaluable and leading member of the Tiger team. As both Managing Director and Head of the Temporary Team in the West End, she is known for her diligent and agile working style. Her intuition plays a key role in aligning cultural fit and comes from many years’ experience recruiting a variety of temp, contract and interim business support and administrative roles in a wide range of different business environments.

Today, Rebecca is the trusted recruitment partner to some of London’s premium blue-chip companies. From private equity firms through to creative companies, tech firms to professional services – Rebecca’s consistency, professionalism and sparky sense of humour ensures a smooth and successful recruitment process with minimum fuss.

What makes you fiercely distinctive?

My secret arancini recipe and a (close to) photographic memory!

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