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Hire Personal Assistant in London and Further Afield

If you’re looking to hire a personal assistant, our team of PA recruitment specialists are on hand to assist and can service all industries, from creative start-ups to established global banks. As the leading PA recruitment agency in London, we carefully screen our candidates to bring you only the very best individuals in the market. We can assist with sourcing:

  • Corporate PAs
  • Team Assistants
  • Private PAs
  • Family Office PAs
  • Business Assistants
  • Virtual PAs

Call our head office on +44 207 917 1801 to brief us on your next PA hire.

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1. Determine Why You Need to Hire a PA

Personal assistants can help with a wide range of tasks, and delegating time-consuming admin to your PA will allow you to spend more time on business-critical work. A PA can take on calendar management, streamline the travel booking process, and act on your behalf for certain projects. They will also provide a friendly voice for clients / stakeholders and manage your inbox on your behalf. Ad hoc tasks like proofreading, managing your social media channels and creating presentations can also play a part in some PAs’ roles.

Once you’ve identified the need to hire a personal assistant, reassess the line manager’s needs and check the job description to see if the brief has changed since the last time you recruited for this role. If you’re looking for a part-time personal assistant, have a clear idea of the number of hours per week you’ll need that person in post.

2. Meet With PA Recruitment Consultant

PA recruitment is different for every business, so we’ll meet you face-to-face, wherever possible, or by video, to understand your business and the requirements of the position, along with any special skills or experience.

3. PA Candidate Evaluation and Shortlisting

To find the most suitable candidates, we’ll write a bespoke job advert and publish it to appropriate online job boards. We meticulously search our extensive database and personal networks to shortlist several high-calibre candidates with the right skills and experience.

When you hire a personal assistant through us, we will consider their professional backgrounds alongside their character and values as part of the shortlisting process. You will also be fully informed and thoroughly briefed on every candidate before the interviews.

4. Interview Process and Onboarding

Throughout the interview process, we take care to receive comprehensive and constructive feedback from yourselves and our PAs. This plays an important role in helping the candidates’ professional development and contributes positively to your employer brand.

Rest assured, Tiger PAs are skills-tested, reference checked and assessed on their behavioural competencies and value alignment. This ensures new personal assistants are fully immersed and ready to start. Once you’ve hired your PA, we maintain contact with you and the candidate throughout the probation period to make sure the onboarding process has run smoothly.

On average, permanent roles are filled within three weeks of briefing

Why Hire a Personal Assistant?

Hiring a personal assistant is a valuable addition for a business, as the responsibilities of a PA role are extremely varied and will usually be tailored to the individual or employer. Good PAs are gifted multitaskers, highly organised, and free up valuable time for businesses to spend on critical tasks. Business PA responsibilities will depend on their level of seniority and support required for an individual or team but can include:

Diary management

A strong PA will typically be comfortable with MS Outlook and understanding how to manage different time zones

Creating detailed travel itineraries

This skillset is particularly valuable for executives who are time-poor and need a seamless business trip planned

Inbox management

Screening emails, answering on a Principal’s behalf and flagging urgent queries will take on much of a PA’s role

Answering calls

Screening phone calls, liaising with key stakeholders ad ensuring only the urgent/scheduled calls are accepted is key to the role of a strong gatekeeper

Overseeing the creation of contracts, client packs, and other documents

Many PAs will be trusted to create vital presentations or documents that reflect the needs of the Principal or their team

Organise meetings and taking minutes

Minute-taking ensures that the agendas are followed and actions are recorded. AI can significantly streamline this process

Managing events

Depending on the role, a PA can also look after personal errands, arrange social events and process expenses where necessary.

Ultimately, a skilled PA is vital to any team. Alongside providing support, PAs are the first point of contact for anyone wanting to connect with a business leader, reducing pressure on their workload. Hybrid PAs might support leaders on both personal and business affairs while private PAs will be wholly looking after their principals’ personal matters.

The traditional PA role has evolved significantly in recent years – the position is more than just meeting coordination and touch-typing! From project management through to being a leader’s second-in-command, a great full- or part-time personal assistant is often degree-qualified and highly efficient.

If you’re looking for a personal assistant, get in touch with your nearest office today.

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PA Agency: The Tiger Promise

PA Agency: The Tiger Promise

Our extensive knowledge and experience of PA recruitment in London means that we can promise:

  • Intelligent and experienced consultants who offer best-practice advice
  • The agility to work within your timeframes
  • Shortlists perfectly matched to your requirements
  • Access to the highest calibre of candidates
  • Fast, honest feedback to help you secure exactly what you need
  • Temporary and permanent PA recruitment

If you’re looking for tips on successful PA recruitment, we can help!

Watch: Our Leadership Team Shares Top Tips for Hiring a Personal Assistant

Value alignment is essential when recruiting a personal assistant


We offer a four-month guarantee on permanent placements that we recruit exclusively and a two-month guarantee on multi-agency placed roles.

Find out more about permanent staffing


We fill 95% of our same-day requirements within the hour and work with a number of experienced career temps for both short and long-term placements. Our agile and qualified team work efficiently with minimum fuss to ensure you receive immediate exceptional support for your organisation.

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Hire a PA

Recruiting a personal assistant for your circumstances takes the kind of care, expertise and dedication that is part of the Tiger promise. For over 20 years, our consultants have provided a market-leading, bespoke service to match you with the right individual – be it a corporate PA, private PA, virtual assistant or team assistant, permanent or temporary.

Our exceptional care with each and every one of our clients is what makes Tiger fiercely distinctive. If you’re looking for a personal assistant, get in touch with your brief today.

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Frequently asked questions

Find a few of our most frequently asked questions below. If you have further questions about the PA recruitment process, get in touch today!

Why should I choose Tiger Recruitment as my personal assistant recruitment agency?

Tiger Recruitment is one of the industry’s leading PA recruitment agencies. Our experienced consultants have worked with leading businesses in the UK and internationally to source candidates that meet their bespoke requirements. We carefully screen our candidates to bring you highly qualified personal assistants that can hit the ground running.

What sectors does Tiger Recruitment recruit personal assistants in?

We recruit PAs for businesses in all industries, from FTSE 100 companies to start-ups. Our sector expertise includes finance and banking, private equity, technology, property and media, to name a few.

What types of PA roles does Tiger Recruitment specialise in?

We recruit for a number of PA roles, including:

Personal and Executive Assistants
Team Assistants
Private PAs
Family Office PAs
Business Assistants
Virtual PAs

What qualities does Tiger Recruitment look for in a PA candidate?

We assess and select candidates based on several criteria. These include skills and professional experience as well as personality and attitude. We also take time to understand a candidate’s values to ensure the perfect alignment with your business.

How does Tiger Recruitment go about hiring a PA?

Our experienced consultants write and publish tailored job adverts on the main industry job sites, social media and on our own website, which ranks highly in online searches.

We shortlist candidates with the right skills and experience by searching our extensive live database gathered through significant investment in marketing, personal networking and commercial partnerships developed over the past 20 years.

How soon can I expect Tiger Recruitment to fill a PA role for me?

Our team of consultants can source both permanent and temporary personal assistants quickly and with minimum fuss. We fill 95% of our same-day requirements within the hour and aim to fill permanent PA roles within 3 weeks of briefing.

Is PA or EA better?

The choice of which is the best fit for you between a PA and an EA comes down to who they’ll be assisting, and the duties expected of them. PAs are found at many levels of a business, performing a range of admin tasks, and may assist several managers. EAs normally assist at the senior level and c-suite staff. Their duties may include management of staff, as well as advise in business decisions.

Looking for a personal assistant job?

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