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Executive assistant recruitment

A first-class executive assistant (EA) is a high-calibre individual with impeccable core skills and quality experience. We believe that successful executive assistants have a mindset and personality that is aligned with the person they are supporting – and when hiring EAs, we strive to find you the perfect fit.

That is why hiring executive assistants to business leaders can be incredibly challenging. We have the expertise to find you the very best executive assistant in London and beyond.


Our EA recruitment screening process

We are delighted to be in the position of receiving a high number of quality referrals. After all, good people know good people. In addition, we place job ads on a number of online job boards, our own website and our social media channels. Click candidate sourcing to find out more about how we source candidates.

From there, we undergo a rigorous screening process. Our executive assistant recruitment interviews are thorough, almost always face-to-face (in the event we cannot conduct a face-to-face interview we will have a video interview), and include skills testing. EA candidates will usually meet at least two-three consultants as well, so that they have multiple points of contact.


Hiring an EA: from brief to placement

Once you’ve committed to hiring an EA, we endevour to meet you for the brief. This is to ensure that we collect as much information as possible about the role responsibilities, the team, the boss’s personality and anything else that might be relevant! If you don’t yet have a job description written up, click on this executive assistant job description template to get yourself started!

From there, we get straight to work in putting together a shortlist for you. Since we don’t operate on a basis of candidate ownership, we will often source a great shortlist simply from speaking to our fellow consultants and searching on the database.

As EAs often work at a higher level, compared to other administrative staff, we usually recommend a two-three stage interview and that you hire executive assistants based on personality fit (since their skill set will have been confirmed at our initial screening stage). This cultural alignment is critically important in ensuring that they stay with the business for the long term.


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