David Morel

CEO / Founder

David set up Tiger Recruitment in 2001 and has steered its continued growth and expansion. He plays an integral role in the day-to-day operations of the business, managing the strategic direction of the business with senior-level and C-suite business support recruitment for his exclusive client base.

David’s quirky sense of humour, decades of experience and strategic insight have earnt him fierce loyalty among both his London-based and international clients. This loyalty fuels the desire to maintain Tiger’s place as a premium recruitment partner in the UK and beyond. When he’s not in the office, you might spot him sprinting across nearby Hyde Park – he takes this precious time of reflection when he can, usually returning to the office teeming with new ideas.

What makes you fiercely distinctive?

Leaving no stone unturned until I place a role. I put it down to my unwavering determination and possible competitive nature!

+44 20 7917 1801

Latest Insights by David Morel

The future of the Executive Assistant

Table of Contents Hybrid Working Executive Assistant Responsibilities Salary & Benefits Summary The ‘new normal, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic,’ may in fact imply different ‘normals’ depending on the industry. The changes employees have faced range from drastic to miniscule, and we were particularly interested in finding out what this looks like for

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Why The Great Regret Is Actually The Great Reality Check

First published on Forbes, 19/04/22 One in five employees who left their job during the Great Resignation regrets it. Is it because they quit in haste and failed to do the proper due diligence? Or could it be that they were oversold the role during the hiring process? Both are possible, but a more likely explanation

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The Five attributes we look for in talent acquisition specialists

Exceptional, innovative, industry-leading employees won’t simply walk through your company’s front door, no matter how impressive the reception. Competition is too high at the moment to be complacent or passive when it comes to hiring talent acquisition staff. To adapt an old saying, good things come to those with… a strong talent acquisition team –

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Three Hybrid Working Misconceptions, Busted

Originally posted on Forbes, 22nd February 2022 Hybrid working is here to stay. Countless studies show that workers relish their newfound work-life balance, not to mention the time and money they save by not commuting to the office every day. And if their flexible working options don’t pass muster, they won’t stick around, with 72% of

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Reasons to adopt a flexible working policy

It’s been called ‘The Future of Work’ and ‘The Next Great Disruption’, but does hybrid working make sense for your business? The pandemic forced us all to adapt to new realities, not the least of which was the swift and sometimes stressful shift to remote working for a huge number of employees. While many of

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Could The Future Of Work Be More Human?

First published on Forbes, 01/02/2022 This time last year there was a sense of optimism in the air. The vaccine rollout had begun and, finally, it seemed that a way out of the pandemic was in sight. 2021 was going to be a time of greater stability when normal life could resume, and the future

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