David Morel

CEO / Founder

David set up Tiger Recruitment in 2001 and has steered its continued growth and expansion. He plays an integral role in the day-to-day operations of the business, managing the strategic direction of the business with senior-level and C-suite business support recruitment for his exclusive client base.

David’s quirky sense of humour, decades of experience and strategic insight have earnt him fierce loyalty among both his London-based and international clients. This loyalty fuels the desire to maintain Tiger’s place as a premium recruitment partner in the UK and beyond. When he’s not in the office, you might spot him sprinting across nearby Hyde Park – he takes this precious time of reflection when he can, usually returning to the office teeming with new ideas.

What makes you fiercely distinctive?

Leaving no stone unturned until I place a role. I put it down to my unwavering determination and possible competitive nature!

+44 20 7917 1801

Latest Insights by David Morel

How to ask for a pay rise… and get one

Asking your boss for more money can be a nervous conversation for many people. However, with proper preparation and research you can both improve your chances and plan out your next step, whatever the outcome. Here are five things to know before you begin the conversation. 1. Know the business Make sure you know what

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What are your employees saying about you online?

We’d probably all agree that your employer brand is crucial to the successful recruitment and retention of talent for your business. And while branding is of course comprised of your external marketing and communications strategies, it’s also impacted by the ways in which your employees are talking about you outside the office. Your staff are

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Planning to hire in 2022? We can help!

2022 has arrived and it’s time to start thinking about your recruitment strategy for the year ahead. Why is having an effective recruitment strategy important? If you want to improve your success in talent acquisition and establish a sustainable hiring process to ensure you attract and retain the best talent next year, developing an effective

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Tiger Recruitment’s Salary Survey 2022 has arrived!

Every year, Tiger Recruitment releases a Salary and Benefits Review. This year we collated the data from a survey of 1084 employees, cross-referenced with the candidates we met with the previous year. What’s included in the report? Within the report, you’ll find guidance on salary ranges and trends for roles within the business support, private,

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Hiring managers: What you’ll learn from these seven open-ended interview questions

When hiring permanent staff, good open-ended interview questions can provide a perfect opportunity to break the ice with nervous candidates. They can help to paint a picture of prospective employees in a broader sense by allowing them the opportunity to tell their story in an unstructured way. Hopefully, these should prompt unrehearsed responses, resulting in

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Hiring managers, know which interview questions to avoid

Recruiting is no walk in the park. Most hiring managers will know that a bad appointment could potentially cost their business threefold: the cost of searching, the cost of hiring, and the cost of training. So it’s all the more important to get it right first time. Having a structured hiring policy will play an

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