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Now that we’ve (hopefully) settled into a working-from-home routine, it’s important that we all continue to encourage social interaction with our colleagues in order to maintain connections and reduce feelings of isolation or exclusion. While Friday afternoon drinks and Slack chats are a great start, we’ve come up with five creative collaboration activities that go the extra mile with your virtual team-building.

Five creative ways to foster team collaboration

Strava competitions

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the running and cycle app Strava, it allows you to track your exercise as a team. Members of the group can log their daily progress and compete against one other in different challenges. This is a great way to foster healthy competition as well as encourage a bit of daily exercise, which is key to boosting mental health.

At Tiger, we’ve been running weekly competitions such as encouraging the most creative GPS drawing mapped out on a local run, or asking the team to take a photo of the funniest street sign they’ve found on their walk.

Virtual team away days

It may sound odd, but this may be the perfect solution if you’ve had to cancel your annual team away day this year. Companies like Wildgoose[1]host virtual team away days where your team can compete against one other remotely. These virtual challenges require them to communicate and work efficiently together in order to succeed. You can also customise activities to suit specific objectives, so you know your team will get exactly what they need out of the day.

Quiz show

How well does your team know each other? By creating a quiz about your team members through a website like QuizBreaker[2], you can customise the questionnaire your team completes. Whose dream destination would be Egypt? Who would prefer ice cream over chocolate mousse? These ice breaker questions pave the way for light-hearted chitchat and provide a structure that a ‘drinks on zoom’ session just won’t do.

Virtual cooking competition

For any budding Masterchef contestants on the team, a virtual cooking competition may just be the thing to ignite their passion! For example, you could set a different challenge each week where your team must cook a meal using the same ingredients. This will encourage them to get creative and (hopefully) cook something nutritious and delicious while getting involved in a team activity. If you have members of the team who aren’t interested in cooking, they could make up the panel of judges to decide each week’s winner.

Host weekly games nights

Having spent over three weeks in lockdown, we now know that social zoom calls are most fun when there’s a game or quiz in play. Try hosting weekly games nights with colleagues, alternating the game each week. Virtual Bingo[3], Pictionary[4], Psych[5] and charades[6] will all help get your team’s creative juices flowing.

Whatever the online game or social activity, offering your team an avenue to build morale and a support network with colleagues has never been more important.

If Tiger can support you or your team at this time, feel free to get in touch with us today.


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