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We’re lucky to be in a position where our team has been incredibly busy in the last few years, so much so that we have significantly expanded our team, growing from two temporary consultants five years ago to five now – I think we’re the best temp agency in London! Our team have a fantastic morale and get on really well together, so one of our biggest strengths is the way we collaborate to help find the best possible fit for a role. We speak to Rebecca Siciliano, Managing Director and Head of Temporary division in the West End, to find out more about what makes a typical day for her in the Tiger office.

So Rebecca, how do you usually start your day?

I’m a bit of an early bird, so I’m normally up by 6am ish and in the office by 8am. We will normally receive same-day assignment bookings between 7.30-10am, so it’s important to be available to receive those calls and action them asap. We have a system of breakfast temps here, so it’s usually not too tricky to have a temp with a client within the hour. On the way into the office I’ll check emails and any ad response that’s been sent through overnight.

What does a typical morning look like?

It varies massively! If we have a number of jobs open, I’ll be busy shortlisting jobs which will involve pulling searches from our database, calling candidates to invite them to interview, and brainstorming potential candidates with the team. Monday mornings are usually frantic and before I know it it’s lunchtime! Later in the week it normally dies down a bit so I’ll have my team catch ups then and get up to date on my admin.

Do you find time to eat?!

Yes, but it’s often at my desk as we’re so busy! It’s an extremely fast-paced environment which suits my personality and work style well. And while we work hard, we enjoy so many benefits here too! It’s not uncommon for us to take clients / candidates / the team to try London’s great lunch spots. As we have such a strong team we’re lucky enough to reward them with lunches / dinners at the ‘in’ restaurants and bars too! David (Tiger MD) is great like that and recognises that talent within the business should be rewarded.

Sounds nice! Where have you been?

We recently had a client lunch at Sushi Samba, and also held EA networking dinners last year at Dukes Hotel and Benares. A number of us also went to Duck and Waffle last month but that was just for one of the permanent consultants’ – Jo – birthdays. We do quite a lot with each other socially.

It’s great that you get on!

Yes, it’s a really close team. We’re quite lucky in that respect. But we also spend so much time together. I can’t imagine not getting on with my colleagues that I spend 50 hours+ with each week! It’s definitely a work hard, play hard mantra at Tiger. Having said that, we also all really value wellness and staying healthy. We say this to our candidates too: when you’re as busy as we are, it’s really important to wind down or you risk burning out pretty quickly. A number of us go to the gym or run together after work too. So it’s not all wining and dining outside of work!

So back to your day… When do you normally see clients?

When the clients want to! I’ll try and always meet new clients to get a sense of their culture and personality but we’re not so KPI-driven like a lot of agencies. We don’t have a quota per quarter that we have to meet for example.

Ok, so how do you wind up your day?

When I’ve shortlisted / placed my jobs for that day, I go home. I usually try and finish up by 7pm and if it’s a later one, I’ll order dinner in to the office!

Rebecca is currently hiring! Tweet @rebeccasic or email for more info.

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