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If you’re looking for a PA job in a new industry, there’s a chance that you have a sense about which sector will suit you. Have you ever stopped to wonder where these ideas have come from? Was it a film or TV show, or did a friend have a bad experience and you’ve been turned off ever since?

We have been noticing a number of candidates are hesitant to be put forward for roles at certain companies because of a misconception they have about the industry. It’s important to challenge these perceptions, as they may stand between you and your dream job!

Finance is too corporate and full of big banks

If your impression of the finance industry comes from the Wolf of Wall Street, you’re in for a pleasant surprise! The finance sector is extremely varied. While some financial services firms can still be corporate (global banks still employ a number of finance job in London), the sector also includes smaller fintech companies which are a far cry from mega-corporate offices and old-fashioned cubicles. They include creative start-ups which are using AI, social media and cutting-edge techniques to push their business and disrupt the industry.

IT is anti-social and has a lack of diversity

Many people perceive an IT office or department as a quiet place full of engineers who never look up from their computers. However, this sector includes the likes of Twitter, Deliveroo, Google and Facebook, who have been leading the way in offering fantastic benefits packages. While the sector’s lack of diversity has been well-documented, the Higher Education Statistics Agency has found that number of women graduating from computer science degrees is increasing year-on-year[1], meaning that with the right diversity hiring measures, this sector will hopefully become more balanced in the coming years.

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Start-ups offer little career stability

This misconception may be true of some unsuccessful start-ups, but it shouldn’t turn you off all new companies. In fact, if they are hiring for PA or secretarial jobs, it’s likely that the company has consolidated their initial employee numbers and has grown to the point where they require administrative support. We’ve worked with some fantastic start-ups who have grown from strength to strength, only for their PAs to grow with them and become business leaders in their own right. If you’re still worried, do your research. You should be able to find out who their competitors are, how they’ve been received in the press and any investment information, which will give you a better idea of where they sit in the market.

Creative companies are full of millennials, bean bags and little work

The creative sector is made up of industries from marketing agencies to TV studios, museums to interior designers. With such varied companies, it’s not surprising that 83.6% of jobs in the creative industries are held by people aged 25 to 59 years according to the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport[2], meaning that you’re going to be working with the same diverse mix of ages as in any other sector. It’s an exciting time in this industry, with creative sectors across the UK growing twice as fast as other sectors, according to Nesta[3], so you’ll definitely be kept busy as the company flourishes.

Recruitment is ruthless

Tiger is a testament to how wrong this stereotype is! While we know there are some companies who operate in this way, we’ve found that fostering a positive working environment with clear communication, a candidate-sharing policy and amazing team incentives means that successful recruitment companies don’t have to be cut-throat. If you’ve been asked to interview at a recruitment consultancy or executive search firm, it’s highly likely that you’ll have a firm friendship group, great earning potential and fantastic benefits in store.

If you’re looking for a role in a new industry, browse our active job listings to make your exciting next step!

Author Rebecca Siciliano Tiger Recruitment Team

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