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Ever had that feeling of dread as you sit on the tube on a Monday morning? Most of us have experienced those Monday morning blues, knowing there is a week’s worth of work to tackle. Maybe it is time to move on in your role, or perhaps it is time to just get motivated!


The weekend is the much-needed time for rest, but sometimes you can often come away feeling even more exhausted than you did on Friday afternoon. Give yourself the time to rejuvenate. Although you will want to make the most of your weekend and enjoy catching up with your friends and family, you must allow time to recharge your batteries, and get some rest! Try having an early night on a Sunday and get plenty of sleep. Then, set your alarm early. Allow yourself plenty of time to get up and get going and avoid that very appealing snooze button on your alarm clock. Make the time to have a decent breakfast m – you will need this for energy, and it will put you in the right place for the rest of the day.

Assess the situation

If you are experiencing those ghastly Monday morning blues, it is likely that there is something wrong in your current job. Take the time to assess what is wrong. Why are you not enjoying it? Is there anything you could do to change the negatives, or is it time to look for new roles and opportunities? You may experience this feeling on the odd occasion, which is nothing unusual. But when it gets to be every Monday, you know you have a problem which requires resolving.

Speak out

Talk to someone about your issues, whether this is your boss, or a family member. Discuss what is troubling you. This way you will be able to gather a better understanding of your situation and problems. Then you can assess how you can resolve any issues you may have, rather than jumping to conclusions and handing in your notice!

Preparation is key

On a Sunday, why not take the time to prep yourself for Monday? Prepare your outfit for the next day and if you are making your own lunch, prepare this beforehand. This way you will free up more time on your Monday morning, relieving a significant amount of stress.

Avoid Procrastinating

Try not to procrastinate; if there is a difficult task to be completed on your Monday, try to do it first thing. This way you will feel a great sense of achievement and will start your day on a high. Pull together a to-do list and gain control of the situation. You can tackle the tasks in mind by prioritising your workload.

Positive Mind

Think positively when you are working through your check list. Think about the great things you have coming up. You may have an event coming up which you are looking forward to, or it may be that you are having your favourite meal for dinner. Think positively and remember all the good things you have going on. There is only one Monday a week, and the rest of the week will be a breeze from there.


Motivate yourself on a Monday morning. On your morning commute, treat yourself to a coffee and listen to some music. It will instantly put a spring in your step whilst you are walking to work. It will also increase your productivity when you work to a rhythm. Try to get some exercise in your morning routine too. This way you will be able clear your mind and start the week afresh.

Fresh Air and Break

When it gets to your lunch break even though you may be very busy and bogged down with work, you must try to get out and take a walk during your break. You will need to get some fresh air and enjoy the time. Use it to clear your head. It may not seem like much, but it will help to generate further ideas and get the brain working.

New Job

If all else fails, look for a new position. There may be a reason as to why you are not looking forward to a Monday. If there is a reason as to why you are so unhappy in your current role, do something about it. There is no point in prolonging your time in a role which you do not enjoy and no longer feel positive about. Get on to the recruitment ladder and see what else is out there, which would be more suitable for you, and for your needs.

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