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Looking to hire a personal assistant in Dubai or further afield? Our team of PA recruitment specialists are on hand to assist and can service all industries, from creative start-ups to established global finance companies. As one of the leading PA recruitment agencies in Dubai, we carefully screen our candidates to bring you only the very best individuals in the market.

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The process of hiring a personal assistant in Dubai is a complex task that requires a tailored approach to each individual brief. We’ve outlined our steps to approaching this below:

  1. Once you’ve identified the need to hire a PA, it’s worth re-assessing the line manager’s needs and re-visiting the job description to see if the brief has changed compared to the last time you recruited for this role.
  2. PA recruitment in Dubai is a unique undertaking for each business, so we’ll come down to meet with you face-to-face to understand the business and personality requirements of the position, along with any special skills or experience.
  3. Next up, we write a bespoke job advert and ensure it is published to the appropriate online job boards. We also meticulously search our extensive database and personal networks to shortlist several high-calibre candidates with a variety of skills and experience.
  4. Tiger PAs in Dubai are fully skills-tested, reference checked and assessed on their behavioural competencies and cultural alignment. This ensures that when it comes to starting their new role with you, it will be no time at all before they’re fully immersed and running with the tasks at hand.
  5. As part of the shortlisting process, we will consider their professional backgrounds alongside character and personality fit, ensuring you’re fully informed and have been thoroughly briefed before the interviews.
  6. Throughout the interview process, we take care to receive comprehensive feedback from yourselves and our PAs. All feedback is constructive and plays an important role in helping the candidates’ professional development, as well as contributes positively to your employer brand.
  7. Once you’ve hired your PA, we continue to maintain contact with yourselves and the candidate throughout the probation period to make sure the onboarding process has run smoothly.

On average, permanent roles are filled within three weeks of briefing

What can a PA do for me?

The responsibilities of a PA role are extremely varied and will usually be tailored to the individual or business. A business PA in Dubai’s responsibilities will depend on their level of seniority and whether or not they’re supporting an individual or team. Hybrid PAs might support leaders on both personal and business affairs, while private PAs will be wholly looking after their principals’ personal matters.

Either way, a skilled personal assistant (PA) will be of immense value to an individual or small management team. The skillset behind a PA’s ability to support and pre-empt their manager’s behaviours should not be underestimated! And, because a PA is the first point of contact for anyone wanting to connect with the business leader, they can relieve them of an enormous amount of time and pressure.

A business PA can be responsible for diary management, creating detailed travel itineraries, managing inboxes, answering calls and overseeing the creation of contracts, client packs and other documents. They can also organise meetings, manage events, order refreshments and ensure minutes are taken. Depending on the role, a PA can also look after personal errands, arrange social events and process expenses where necessary.


The traditional PA role has evolved significantly in recent years – the position is no longer solely made up of meeting coordination and touch-typing! From project management through to being a leader’s 2IC, a great PA is often degree-qualified and extremely capable.

If you’re looking to find an executive personal assistant, get in touch with your nearest office today.

The Tiger promise

The Tiger promise

As a leading job consultancy in Dubai, our extensive knowledge and experience of PA recruitment means that we can promise:

  • Intelligent and experienced consultants who offer best-practice advice
  • The agility to work within your timeframes
  • Shortlists perfectly matched to your requirements
  • Access to the highest-calibre candidates
  • Fast, honest feedback to help you secure exactly what you need


We offer a 100% full refund on all permanent roles that we fill and unusually for PA recruitment agencies in the UAE, offer a four-month guarantee on placements that we recruit exclusively.

Find out more about permanent staffing.

VA support

If you’re looking to hire a PA but don’t need to have them in the office with you, why not consider a VA? They can help you with typical PA tasks, including admin, project assistance, travel and itinerary, email management and timekeeping — the only difference is they work remotely. Find out how a VA can help you today.

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If you’re looking for personal assistant jobs in Dubai or the greater MENA region, register with us or visit our jobs search page to apply directly for suitable roles.

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