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Private PA Recruitment London

Are you looking to hire a private personal assistant in London or further afield in the UK?

Tiger Private recruits private PAs for HNWI and family offices; by hiring a qualified domestic PA to deal with day-to-day administration, they can spend valuable time on their business interests or on those enjoyable aspects of their lives that are sometimes neglected.

We work with many high-profile individuals, whether they be C-suite professionals, celebrities, VIPs or those who run a busy household and just need some personal support from an invaluable lifestyle PA or private PA.

Our consultants work with a number of private PAs with a variety of diverse skills and experience. During the shortlisting process, we will consider their professional background alongside their values, skillset and motivations, to ensure we make the best possible match with what you need.

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What is a private PA?

The role of a private PA (also known as lifestyle PA or private household PA) is highly variable and is dependent on the lifestyles of the Principal or family they are supporting.

Generally, this role encompasses the administrative management of a Principal or family’s personal life, with the day-to-day support in running a household, organising travel and overseeing finances.

Furthermore, a private PA can help with caring for children, running personal errands, handling specific projects such as planning a holiday or house move and supervising other household staff.

In short, having someone to help with domestic administration allows you to focus on the things that matter, whether that be quality time with your family or the time to focus on key business activity.

Benefits of Hiring a Private Personal Assistant

Benefits of Hiring a Private Personal Assistant

The world is moving at an increasingly fast pace: Taking the step to hire a private personal assistant can have a hugely beneficial impact on your life and wellbeing. Whether it’s about ensuring that your day-to-day household is running smoothly or that a big project is in safe hands, a reliable private PA can provide invaluable peace of mind.

Finding an experienced professional whose experience matches your unique needs can also allow you to redirect your time and energy to where it is most needed, whether that be for your health, business or your friends and family.

Hire a Private Personal Assistant - The Process

As a private PA agency, Tiger Private’s consultants have extensive experience in recruitment of private PAs in London and further afield. We understand the significance of discretion. Our private PA candidates are rigorously screened and tested; we are also able to put further referencing procedures in place in addition to asking our candidates to sign non-disclosure agreements.

Following a detailed briefing with you, we will search our database and send you a tailored shortlist of potential candidates we believe will suit the position and your unique requirements.

We will organise interviews, take feedback and can put in place any additional testing necessary to ensure you feel supported throughout the process. Once your chosen candidate is in post, we will be on hand to aid with onboarding and ensure a smooth transition.

Whether you are looking to find a private PA in London, a private household PA elsewhere in the UK, or internationally, please call us on +44 20 7917 1803 for further information.

Our consultants can work remotely and are generally on call outside of office hours.

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Find The Right Candidate With a Specialist Private PA Agency

When looking to hire a private personal assistant, we rely extensively on referrals and our networks to ensure our dedicated pool possesses the high-calibre experience essential to being a valued member of your household. We have a dedicated pool of domestic PA candidates with substantial lifestyle PA and private PA experience on our database to fill both permanent and temporary requirements. Our candidates have often previously been PAs to celebrities, business people and VIPs, so they understand the intricacies of such a role.

Private PA job description

Frequently asked questions

Find a few of our most frequently asked questions below. If you have further questions about the private PA recruitment process, get in touch today!

What qualities do your consultants look for in private PA applicants?

We understand that the role of a private PA varies drastically depending on the Principal and their family. However, we do find that qualities such as resilience, exceptional work ethic, approachability, a high-level of intelligence and positivity are important, alongside integrity and discretion.

What sets Tiger Private apart from other private PA recruitment agencies?

Our Tiger Private consultants have previously worked with UHNWI, so they are intimately aware of the bespoke requirements expected from their staff. In addition, our database of candidates is global and wide-reaching, so we can source top private PAs wherever you’re located.

Can you find me a temporary private PA quickly?

Yes! Our Tiger Private division recruits for both permanent and temporary staff and are fully equipped to source fantastic temporary private PAs within hours of your briefing.

Can you find celebrity assistants as well?

We can! Our consultants have extensive experience recruiting for celebrity assistants with the utmost discretion.

How do I recruit a good PA?

Working with a recruitment agency like Tiger is the best way to find the best private personal assistants. Our consultants have decades of combined experience in addition to a network of vetted, qualified PA candidates. They can advise on your requirements and supply a shortlist of exceptional private PAs.

How do I find a personal assistant UK?

Tiger’s London-based headquarters can source top private personal assistants for positions all over the UK. To hire a private personal assistant, please get in touch with us today to speak to a consultant.



What does a private PA do?

A private PA is responsible for managing the day-to-day life of a HNWI, whether they be a celebrity or a successful businessperson. A private PA’s responsibilities will vary greatly, depending on the nature of their Principal. Generally, a private PA will be responsible for household management, travel coordination, running errands, and diary management.

Some other common responsibilities of a private PA include overseeing projects, managing properties and managing budgets. In some cases, a private PA will also provide some corporate support, assisting their Principal in business operations.


In addition to the provision of private support staff, Tiger Private recruits domestic staff for private households in London, nationally and internationally.
Among others, we recruit for the following roles:

We are able to work to short timeframes and provide highly experienced candidates with proven track records. Absolute discretion is a priority and any private household recruitment is always completed in the strictest confidence.

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