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With many years’ experience as a leading executive assistant recruitment agency, we know that the most successful c-suite level executive assistants (EAs) are perfectly in tune with the person they are supporting. When shortlisting, we review core skills, background and experience to ensure we find you the perfect fit.

Finding the right executive assistant can be incredibly challenging. However, we have the expertise and established networks to find executive assistants across the US on a contract, temporary or permanent basis.

What is an Executive Assistant?

What is an Executive Assistant?

An EA works directly for an individual or group of senior executives and is responsible for the smooth running of their business – and sometimes, private lives. As the gatekeeper and first point of contact for their principal/s, they are required to operate with the utmost professionalism, handling all calls affably and efficiently while liaising with a broader team as needed.

An EA will be responsible for extensive diary management, making travel arrangements, overseeing expenses, scheduling appointments and conducting administrative tasks as needed.

In 2023, 93% of our permanent placements passed probation

How to hire an executive assistant?

How to hire an executive assistant?

The best route to finding an EA for your business is to work with executive assistant recruiters such as Tiger. After the initial consultation where you outline your brief and requirements, our expert recruiters will set to work with drawing up a shortlist of experienced EAs from our network.

Our high success rate and fast turnaround time means we can work to your deadline. We can also source temporary candidates if the need is short-term.

Why Choose Tiger Recruitment for Executive Assistant Recruitment?

If you are looking to hire an EA, you’ll need a recruiter that understands everything the role demands – not just the skillset, but also the ideal character traits and working style. Our recruitment consultants have decades of combined experience vetting EA candidates and matching them with senior professionals across industries like professional services, banking, financial services, tech and creative. You’ll find that our thorough, bespoke consultation process sets us apart as a top executive assistant recruiter in the US.

Specialized executive assistant recruiters

We are a trusted EA recruiter for the biggest multinational corporations, SMEs, and startups in New York City, LA, Miami and beyond. If you are an employer that needs to hire an EA, know that our consultants will understand the brief and provide a shortlist of exceptional candidates, whatever the deadline.

If you are ready to hire an executive assistant, or are simply looking for executive assistant recruitment market guidance, salary benchmarking or sample job descriptions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Streamlined EA recruitment process

Whether you have an urgent need for an EA or wish to take time to consider multiple candidates, our recruitment process can fit your schedule. Our EA candidates are all meticulously referenced and vetted, with detailed profiles to help us find the perfect match. After your consultation, we can immediately begin building a shortlist of potential candidates for you.

Access to top EA candidates

Tiger’s consultants create an in-depth profile of their EA jobseekers, getting to know their qualifications, work history, and personality. This way we can ensure we are working with the best executive assistant talent, from experienced C-suite EAs through to juniors coming up through the ranks. By partnering with Tiger, you can tap into this pool of talent to find the perfect fit for your EA needs.

Understanding your EA requirements

The initial consultation gives you an opportunity to explain in detail your exact EA requirements. You may already have a complete job description ready for your prospective hire, or just a general idea of what you need. Regardless of your situation, Tiger’s specialist consultants can aid you in defining the type of EA you need, creating a job description and job advertisement, and arranging interviews.

Personalized Executive Assistant Matching

We strive to gain an in-depth understanding of your needs alongside the career aspirations of our EAs, in order to find the perfect match. Our EA recruitment service is tailored and bespoke to each individual requirement; this is key to ensuring a lasting placement. The more we can learn about your requirements, the more we can personalize our service to you.

Interviewing and selection guidance

Our service doesn’t stop at a short-list. Our consultants can advise you on the most effective interview questions to get the most out of your candidates at interview, and advise on the final candidate selection. Let us know at any point in the recruitment process what guidance you require, and we will be happy to help.

Ultimate Interview and Selection Guide

Benefits of hiring an executive assistant through Tiger

You may have hired an executive assistant through your own means in the past, and this may be the right solution for your needs. However, when time, money, and expertise are a factor, partnering with an executive assistant recruitment agency is more likely to produce optimum results.

Efficient and cost-effective solution

Hiring staff can be an expensive endeavor. The financial and time investment of job adverts, lost IP, training and onboarding can add up, especially if your business is regularly in need of new staff. With its efficient processes and network of active jobseekers, an executive assistant recruiter will take the strain from your business’ resources and budget.

Time-saving for your business

The longer it takes you to hire an EA, the more your workload will stack up. Dedicated EA recruitment agencies will streamline the task, working within your deadline to find an experienced EA who can hit the ground running.

Access to industry expertise

Our expert consultants work with hiring managers across all industries to advise on recruitment best practices. Our knowledge of the most effective and efficient ways to secure top talent is unrivalled. By working with Tiger, you will be able to tap into this wealth of industry knowledge.

Long-term partnerships

If your business is regularly hiring new EAs, it is hugely advantageous to have a lasting partnership with a recruitment agency who understands your team, your values and your long-term objectives. Simply put, it means that we will be able to shortlist and find the right people for you in record time! Your dedicated Tiger consultant will be at the end of a phone or email, always ready to offer their expertise on your next hire.

About tiger recruitment

About tiger recruitment

Tiger Recruitment is one of the leading executive assistant recruitment agencies. Headquartered in New York City, we service clients in LA, Miami, Chicago, Houston, Ohio and further afield.  Read on to learn more about our bespoke, client-led service.

Leading executive assistant recruitment agency

Our consultants have decades of combined experience placing exceptional EA talent into roles across professional services, financial services, banking, creative, tech and non-profit sectors. Whatever your specialism, we can provide timely and cost-effective recruitment solutions to suit your needs.

Experience in EA recruitment

As an executive assistant recruiting firm, we recruit across a range of industries, from global banks and Fortune 500 companies to tech start-ups and boutique creative agencies. With almost 20 years in the business, Tiger has made its mark as one of the leading executive assistant recruitment agencies in NYC and across the US.

We also recruit on a national and international scale – with offices in Dubai and the UK, our experienced recruiters have the capacity to work on roles across Europe, MENA and the US. Additionally, we recruit for virtual executive assistants across the world, giving you the flexibility of support whenever and wherever you need.

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Trusted by top companies

As expert executive assistant recruiters, we are the trusted provider of employers of choice around the world. From S&P 500 companies through to SMEs and start-ups, global investment banks to up-and-coming fintech firms, we’re the recruiter of choice for hiring an EA.

Global reach, local expertise

In addition to our New York office, we operate in London, Dubai, and Zurich. Since 2001, our executive assistant recruitment insight has been informed by the in-depth local knowledge and experience of our consultants.

The role of an executive assistant in your business

Every business’s needs are different, so the responsibilities of an executive assistant will also vary. Our consultants can talk through your specific requirements and advise on what you can expect from an EA.

Understanding the executive assistant role

It’s important for employers to have a solid understanding of the executive assistant role before they hire an EA. This will narrow down the type of EA you need, and help create an accurate job description that attracts the right candidates.


Typically, an EA will be responsible for a combination of the following tasks:

  • Diary/calendar management
  • Travel and accommodation booking
  • Taking minutes of meetings
  • Preparing reports for their principal
  • Preparing materials for meetings
  • Expenses management
  • Communications (emails, phone calls)
  • Managing junior assistants
  • Various admin for the principal’s personal life

Key skills to look for in an EA

The best executive assistants will have excellent time-keeping, project management, communication, diary management and administrative skills, as well as the ability to stay calm under pressure. They may also have managed junior staff members and be able to lead a team of administrators and assistants.

Value alignment

Our bespoke consultation process means we will also factor your company values into shortlisting candidates. We understand the importance of finding a good fit between an employer and employee, and ensure that the long-term goals of both are aligned.

Frequently asked questions

Find a few of our most frequently asked questions below. If you have further questions about the EA recruitment process, get in touch today!

Why should I choose Tiger Recruitment as my Executive support recruitment agency?

Tiger Recruitment is one of the industry’s leading executive support recruitment agencies. Our experienced consultants have worked with leading businesses in the US to source candidates that meet their bespoke requirements. We carefully screen our candidates to bring you highly qualified executive assistants that can hit the ground running.

What sectors does Tiger Recruitment recruit executive assistants in?

We recruit EAs for businesses in all industries, from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups. Our sector expertise includes finance and banking, private equity, technology, property and media, to name a few.

What types of Executive support roles does Tiger Recruitment specialize in?

We recruit for a number of executive support roles, including:

Executive Personal Assistants
Team Assistants
Executive Assistants
Business Assistants
Virtual PAs

What qualities does Tiger Recruitment look for in an EA candidate?

We assess and select candidates based on several criteria. These include skills and professional experience as well as personality and attitude. We also take time to understand a candidate’s values to ensure the perfect alignment with your business.

How does Tiger Recruitment go about sourcing the right EA candidates?

Our experienced consultants write and publish tailored job adverts on the main industry job sites, social media and on our own website, which ranks highly in online searches.
We shortlist candidates with the right skills and experience by searching our extensive live database gathered through significant investment in marketing, personal networking and commercial partnerships developed over the past 20 years.

How soon can I expect Tiger Recruitment to fill an EA role for me?

Our team of consultants can source executive assistants quickly and with minimum fuss. We aim to fill permanent EA roles within three weeks of briefing.

Why hire an executive assistant?

Executive assistants provide invaluable support to senior employees in all industries. An EA will take on a number of admin tasks to free up time that their Principal can use to focus on their priorities. These tasks include diary management, travel arrangements, expenses, booking meetings, taking minutes, and sometimes assistance with their Principal’s private life. At the senior level, an EA will represent the Principal in meetings, manage important projects and lead junior admin staff.

How to hire an executive assistant?

To hire an executive assistant in the most timely and effective way, work with an executive assistant recruiter. Their network of talent, combined with consulting on job descriptions, adverts, interviewing techniques and shortlisting against the job requirements, greatly reduces the time and expenses required to find the best candidates for the job.

How much does an executive assistant earn?

An EA’s salary depends completely on the role and industry they are based in. In professional and financial services, they can expect to earn anywhere between $70,000-$110,000. If you’re looking to hire a senior executive assistant, they earn between $100,000-$150,000.

Where to hire an executive assistant?

Regardless of your location in the United States or abroad, Tiger Recruitment can assist with your executive assistant recruitment. Our offices in New York, Clevelandm OH, London, Dubai and Zurich cater to employers in many different countries, and we can also provide virtual assistant recruitment services should you require them.

Should I hire an executive assistant?

An executive assistant can take on many administrative tasks, allowing a Principal to devote their time and energy to more important business decisions. If your admin work is beginning to affect your productivity, it may be time to hire an EA. Get in touch with your requirements.

What are the benefits of hiring an executive assistant?

Executive assistants can greatly improve the efficiency of senior and C-suite level professionals. They take diary management, travel booking, project management, expenses, inbox coordination and co-ordinate with key stakeholders to ensure every aspect of a Principal’s life is running smoothly. Some EAs also manage the personal affairs of their Principals and their families.

What salary should I ask for executive assistant?

Tiger’s latest salary and benefits review found that junior executive assistants can expect to earn salaries of $60k to $90k p.a., while the most experienced EAs can expect between $90k and $250k p.a.

Are executive assistants worth it?

The high pressure experienced by C-suite and senior professionals make hiring an executive assistant well worth the expense. While some executives may prefer to handle all their business affairs personally, this is usually unfeasible. With an EA by their side, management teams are much more likely to excel.

When should I hire an EA?

Not every business requires executive assistants, but if senior teams are spending valuable time on admin tasks, it may be time to consider hiring an EA. The investment in executive assistant recruitment will be worth it for the extra time that upper management can devote to driving new business.

Hire an executive assistant

Our executive assistant recruitment consultants are leaders in their field, and can source top EA talent to support a range of businesses. Get in touch with your requirements today.


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