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How do I get a temporary summer job?

As an undergraduate or recent graduate with three long summer months at your disposal, it may be tempting to pack your life into a backpack and take off, exploring your European backyard. However, this period is also a perfect time to bulk up your CV and gain valuable work experience. Could a summer temp job be in your immediate future?

Should you be considering a temporary job in London over the summer, you’ll need to start thinking about it now, as most companies will look to fill contract roles before June comes around. Here are some steps to take to give you the best chance of success.

1.Prepare your CV

There’s no point searching for a temporary summer job without a spot-on CV. As one of the most important tools in your job hunt, your CV is your chance to make a fantastic first impression, showcasing just how your skills and experience could assist a business. Make sure it’s up to date, has all relevant work experience and education, as well as anything else you think would be of interest to an employer.  Don’t forget to explain what you’re looking for and include your interests and achievements! These little details could be the differentiator between a hiring manager choosing to interview you and not someone else.

2. Register with a job agency

Recruitment agencies like Tiger often have three-month contracts over the summer in a variety of industries. In our case, submit your details to our database first before applying for jobs directly. A consultant will then follow up with a face-to-face registration if your experience is suited to their clients. Once registered, make sure you stay in regular contact and reply to any potential roles in a timely manner – the nature of temp work means roles move quickly!

3. Conduct research

Once you’ve registered with a recruiter, it could be worth looking into the businesses that are likely to advertise for summer temp jobs. A simple search on Google will reveal who has hired temporary employees in the past, as well as who has current openings. This can guide your applications, as well as demonstrate the scope of roles available to you. It’s also worth calling a range of businesses that work in the industry you want to work in to see if they need assistance over the summer.

4. Open up your network

You never know where a conversation could take you! Start focusing your efforts on meeting as many people as possible, attending university or industry events and connecting with professionals on LinkedIn. It’s also worth using your existing network – do your friends and family know of any positions going? At the very least, making a concerted effort to talk to others about your job search could result in helpful advice, if not your dream role!

Author Rebecca Siciliano Tiger Recruitment Team

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