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Finding the ideal job is the aim of every jobseeker, but there are just not enough dream jobs out there for everyone to be satisfied.

As the leading recruitment agency in London, we believe that the task is not impossible! Here are some tips to help you in your quest.

The holistic approach

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. For instance, register with two recruitment agencies instead of one, whilst at the same time, searching through other mediums. This might mean applying for jobs advertised directly by potential employers in print or online.

Where to search

Recruitment agencies are a good starting point but do your research and register with the right ones! The best way to tell this is by looking at which jobs they are advertising and reacting accordingly. As above, register with more than one but I would suggest no more than three.

Online job sites are one of the most popular places these days and will carry advertising directly from employers as well as agencies. Check job sites twice a week and try and apply as soon as a job comes live. Many employers and agencies will close the job once a certain number of applications have been received, so it’s worth getting in early.

When applying for jobs make sure you spend some time making sure your cover letter is targeted towards that specific job and entices an employer/agency to call you in for interview.

As above, spend a good amount of time getting your CV just right. Consistency, clarity, no typos, good grammar and no more than two pages in length are the golden rules.

Direct approach

If there is an employer out there you are really interested in working for, see if you can find the contact details for their HR department. Send your CV directly with a targeted cover letter that explains what positions you are interested in and why you feel that you would be suitable for the job. At the end of the day employers want to avoid paying agency fees, so you are doing them a favour.

Tenacious yet respectful

It is sometimes tempting to question an employer’s or agency’s sanity if they don’t want to see you. Don’t pick up the phone and annoy them! Wait for another job to come up and re-apply, having in the meantime, tweaked your CV or cover letter. There is nothing wrong with sending a quick email asking whether there was anything specific on the CV that put them off or if they had any feedback.

Finally, it’s worth considering what your ideal job looks like. Everyone’s aspirations are very different and before you start applying, you need to think hard about what is it you really want to do. Which location would suit you best? What are your long-term career aspirations and what is the best step to take in your career to achieve those aims? All of these questions will inform your path and hopefully lead you on the way to your dream role!

To see how the Tiger team can help you find your dream role, get in touch.

Author David Morel Tiger Recruitment Team

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