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What do recruitment agencies do?

Recruiting the perfect candidate can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Between advertising, filtering through CVs, organising interviews and going through any referencing, it can be a time-consuming and labour-intensive process. This is where an employment agency or London-based recruitment agency like Tiger can help.

Whether you’re recruiting temporary staff or hiring permanent candidates, they can support your search, helping to find the perfect candidate. London recruitment agencies have a wide range of capable candidates on their books, each of whom have been vetted, skills tested and have excellent references. They are able to do much of the hard work for you, compiling a shortlist of the best-matched candidates for the position you are looking to fill.

Job agencies in London will consult their detailed databases and draw on their extensive network of contacts to present a tailored selection of professionals for you to consider. They’ll take the guesswork out of recruitment by streamlining the hiring process, ensuring that your new employee is the best fit for your business.

What happens when you use a recruitment agency

Once you’ve chosen your preferred recruitment agency in London and signed their terms of business, the consultant will meet with you to understand what you’re looking for in your new employee(s), as well as your company culture. From there, they will advertise the role on the relevant job boards and search their database to find candidates that match your requirements. Once they have discussed the role with each candidate, they will send over a shortlist of CVs, from which you can choose who to interview.

The consultant will organise interview times, second and third interviews (if needed) and ensure that each candidate has the appropriate right to work permissions.

Once you’ve found your new employee, the recruitment consultant can also facilitate an offer letter and ensure the candidate is all ready to go with their new role. Using an employment agency makes the entire hiring processes simple and stress-free, giving you time to focus on other elements of your role.

Three benefits of using a professional staffing agency

1. Speed up the hiring process

A well-established and experienced staffing agency can find top tier candidates faster than you can. In no time at all they can tap into a vast talent pool via their existing database, they have a broad network of connections to leverage and utilise powerful sourcing tools that make the process of finding the right job candidates much faster and more productive.

2. Access to the best candidates

Staffing agencies have access to a wide pool of talented jobseekers. Top candidates don’t have time to search job boards. Instead, they turn to a specialist recruiter who they can trust to find them the right role. This includes access to candidates who are actively seeking work as well as talent who are employed elsewhere. Professional recruiters also understand the logistics and marketing value behind each of the top job boards.

3. Market knowledge 

A business’ requirements can often be specific and difficult to find. This is where a recruiter’s industry expertise and market knowledge proves valuable. Once a relationship has been built, the agency will be aware of the qualities and attributes required for someone to be a good fit for your company, and all future hires will be easier and faster. Professional recruiters are industry specialists and can provide regular market insight to hiring teams. They can offer advice on attracting the best talent, salary and benefits, skills shortages, hiring complexities and retention strategies.

Why is having an effective recruitment strategy important?

If you want to improve your success in talent acquisition and establish a sustainable hiring process to ensure you attract and retain the best talent, developing an effective recruitment strategy is critical.

Our Salary Survey highlights the degree to which the priorities of candidates and their motivations for accepting a new role have changed in light of the pandemic. So, take some time to consider what will make your organisation an attractive employer. Will you offer competitive remuneration and benefits packages for example? Will you offer excellent career progression opportunities? Is your business environmentally and socially aware? Will you offer a pleasant working environment and encourage a healthy work life balance for your employees?

What to look for in London employment agencies

There are many agencies specialising in recruitment in London, so it can be hard to know which agency to work with. Look for a job agency that wants to get to know you and your company. A bespoke approach, adapted to your unique requirements, will serve you best when recruiting.

Leading job agencies will be able to assist you with every step of the hiring process. From writing job specifications to determining appropriate salaries to compiling the shortlist, your consultant will use their market insights, professional knowledge and intuition to guide the recruitment process.

Are you hiring? Tiger can help! We have the expertise to find you the very best individuals. Request a call back here.

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