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Sometimes in life, you need to change and move on. Whether you no longer enjoy your role, or that you no longer feel stimulated and would like a new challenge, a change in job may be exactly what you are looking for in order to achieve job satisfaction.

Here are just some of the indicators that the time has come.

Dreading the day ahead…

Do you wake up every morning wanting to roll back over and forget about work? Does the snooze button become more and more appealing day after day? This is a classic sign that you have lost all motivation and passion for your role. Think of the excitement you felt when you first joined your job – do you still feel the same way? If the future of your job and the company does not excite you, perhaps it is time to consider other options.

Relationship with colleagues

Some of us are very fortunate that we enjoy the company of our colleagues and even spend time with them as friends outside of the workplace. Sadly, others may not experience this within the workplace. You must remember that you are spending a significant amount of time with your colleagues and therefore you will need to actually get on with them and have the ability to work with them. Of course, office politics are common in the workplace, but in order to be happy in your role, both you and your colleagues will need to be extremely tolerant of each other. If this does not happen, you may want to find an environment where the personality fit is better. A bad relationship with colleagues could even lead to a case of bullying. Your confidence will be severely knocked if others purposely make your life difficult. The longer you let this happen for, the worse the situation can get.

Physical and mental health

Most people enjoy a challenging and busy role within a business. However, too much stress can seriously affect your work and, more importantly, your health. If you feel constantly stressed and find it difficult to wind down in an evening or weekend, your job certainly is not doing you any favours. You can only do so much before you inevitably burn out, which could be even more damaging to your workload. You also need to ensure that you are successfully getting enough sleep and allowing time away from your desk during breaks and lunch hours. If you fail to fall asleep and constantly feel under stress to the point where it is unhealthy, it could be time to throw in the towel and begin your job search.

No longer utilising your skills or a lack of development

Another reason as to why you may choose to move on to a new position may be that your current job has become monotonous. You may have done everything you possibly could to help with the growth and development of the company, and it has become impossible to achieve any more than you already have. If your job has become tedious, speak with your boss as there could be potential for progression. However, if this is not the case, then it is a solid reason to want to move on in your career. At work, we learn and develop new and important skills. If your skillset is not being utilised you will begin to feel bored and overall very negative about your job.

Progression but no financial benefit

Many companies will want you to work to your full potential for your salary. It is very common that your responsibilities will increase as you grow within a company, however you may not be offered an increase in pay. As human beings, we like to be appreciated and valued, and for our hard work to be recognised. Unfortunately, some organisations fail to recognise hard work and dedication and can even take advantage of you!

Not being taken seriously

We like to make an impact at work – after all, your aim at work is to get things done to a high standard. Is it that you are generating ideas and pitching them to your colleagues and senior management and just getting knocked back? Your input should matter, so never let others dismiss you for idea generation. Companies need ideas in order to develop and grow. No matter how big or small your idea, you should be taken seriously.

That said…

Never be too hasty when it comes to changing jobs. Try to weigh up the pros and cons about the role. Before handing in your notice, take the time to think about your decision. Can the issues be resolved by speaking up and seeking help and advice from management? If you have explored all areas which could help your situation, perhaps it is time to begin your job search. When you start applying and interviewing for new jobs, put your mind to it! Do not apply for the sake of applying.

If you’ve decided enough is enough, get in touch with Tiger today. We can help you find your dream role.

Author David Morel Tiger Recruitment Team

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