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Career development is the ongoing process of learning new skills and improving your current ones in order to reach the next step in your career and achieve your long-term goals.

According to recent research, 55% of UK employers offer opportunities for career development, though less than half of employees utilise these resources.

Career development books are packed with valuable information and advice and can help you advance in your role, sharpen your skills, and stand out from the competition.

If you want to level up your career, check out our recommendations below.


Five top books for your career development


This book encourages readers to discover their top five talents and focus on developing their strengths.

The purpose of the book is to help you avoid investing copious amounts of time fixing your shortcomings and instead focus on your strengths with some incredible, practical strategies.

These changes are guaranteed to have a positive impact on your career.


This book speaks primarily to leaders and aspiring leaders, however, there are some useful nuggets of career advice in here for everyone.

American research professor, lecturer and author Brené Brown teaches us the importance of leading mindfully while harnessing the power of accountability and vulnerability.

She claims that successful leaders are courageous, are not afraid of difficult conversations and use empathy to establish connections with those they lead.

The book shares practical strategies to help you become a successful, high-impact leader.


In this inspiring and eye-opening book, authors Bill Burnett and Dave Evans reveal that it’s possible to transform your working life and improve your current situation without changing jobs.

They demonstrate how adopting ‘design thinking’ can enhance the level of satisfaction you derive from your current job and transform how you experience work overall.

This transformation is achieved via the adoption of a designer mindset that includes: curiosity, reframing, radical collaboration, awareness, bias to action, and storytelling.


This thought-provoking book is an excellent choice for those seeking to achieve the next milestone in their career.

The author explains that the habits and behaviours that got you to where you are today may in fact become an obstacle in the next stage of your career.

Adopting the practical methods in this book will help you to achieve greater progress in your professional life by encouraging you to work on your shortcomings.


In this practical career guide, Maya Grossman teaches you the ten skills you need to skyrocket your career.

She offers advice on becoming an inestimable employee,  developing your career and feeling fulfilled in your job.

Use the career development toolkit to apply the teachings in this book and experience an immediate transformation.


Final thoughts on the best career development books

Working on your career development is a lifelong process which will require discipline and determination, but which will also prove extremely rewarding. Looking for more inspo from the experts? Why not check out this list of seven recommended books to help inspire you personally and professionally.


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