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About the report

In July 2023, Tiger Recruitment engaged Vacancysoft to aggregate the data on remote working roles in the UK jobs market. While it is no surprise that the pandemic has accelerated the adoption of remote working, the scale of the shift in remote work since 2019 is significant. What’s more: it shows no signs of abating.

This report outlines the key trends and has been compiled by monitoring job vacancies on more than 100,000 active UK company websites, of all sizes, across multiple business sectors. This represents an estimated 80% of the UK jobs market.

Although some employers have publicly sworn to get people back to the office, the data shows that remote working has stood its ground. A subdued market may have led to a drop in the volume of remote job vacancies since 2022, but the proportion of remote opportunities continues to rise. This trend is even evident in financial services, which has been particularly vocal about wanting people back at their desks.

Remote working may not suit every individual or profession, but our analysis suggests it is here to stay. For employees, it offers the ultimate flexibility. For employers, it means reduced overheads, happier staff, and access to a wider pool of talented professionals – regardless of their location.

Key findings

Some of the key findings include:

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Remote working - UK labour market trends 2023

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