Tiger Recruitment’s quarterly market update

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In Q2 2021, we’ve seen a boom in hiring across our temporary and permanent divisions. This is likely to COVID restrictions continuing to ease, with businesses returning to their offices on a flexible basis. This quarter saw hospitality, non-essential retail and other service providers open for the first time in many months, which resulted in a sharp rise in hiring in these sectors. In June, we actually saw the highest number of jobs ever on Tiger’s books, which further reflects the confidence businesses have in making hiring decisions.

Across the board, we saw a rise in temporary and permanent jobs briefed in Q2 vs. Q1. This translated to a 69% increase in permanent roles and a 56% increase in temporary roles called into our offices worldwide.

This, in turn, meant we were able to place a higher number of permanent and temporary candidates into roles this quarter: we saw a 61% increase for permanent and 59% increase for temporary placements in comparison to Q1 2021.

As the vaccine rollout continues at a rapid pace across the UK and US, we expect lockdown restrictions to ease further and hiring to continue to be at the forefront of business leaders’ people strategy to support the recovery of businesses and drive future growth.

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Author David Morel Tiger Recruitment Team

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