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Employers are optimistic for 2024 following the challenges of 2023. Despite economic headwinds and geopolitical factors affecting hiring conditions last year for the first three quarters, the market subsequently settled and many employers ended the year on a positive note.

Indeed, December proved to be unexpectedly busy as businesses rushed to finalise their hiring decisions before the Christmas break. There was a notable influx of new positions, boding well for the turn of the year.

This positive outlook is also reflected in the latest ONS release, where the annual growth in regular earnings (excluding bonuses) was 6.6% from September to November 2023. The finance and businesses services sector experienced the second highest growth rate at 7%, just behind the wholesaling, retailing hotels and restaurant sector at 7.2%.

The momentum from Q4 2023 has carried over into the new year. Despite the initial lull following the short first week of January, the UK employment market has seen a recent surge of activity. Many talented jobseekers who paused their searches during the holiday period are now actively seeking new opportunities.

Likewise, there’s also a growing demand for senior-level staff, particularly in roles such as chief of staff, head of people, and CTO positions. With our extensive network of industry connections, Tiger’s specialist consultants are well-positioned to help businesses hire more leaders for the months ahead.


Author David Morel Tiger Recruitment Team

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