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Retaining a good receptionist for the long term can be a difficult task, but it’s critical if you want to ensure consistency and quality of your client service delivery. Here are five tips you can follow to make sure you hold on to your star receptionist.

Treat them with respect

A receptionist can be treated poorly throughout their working day. With so many calls to answer and people walking through the door, they are bound to deal with a few irate individuals. This, paired with the fact that both full-time and part-time receptionists are seen by many as inferior in the office hierarchy, means that some people think they have the right to be rude. As their employer, it will mean a lot if you can show your receptionist real appreciation. Making the internal environment positive and respectful can really help to make up for the trials of the role.

Set out a clear progression path

If you want your receptionist to stay with you on a long-term basis, you need to make it clear from the beginning that you are willing to customise a clear progression path for them. Not only will this encourage them to stay within the business as they grow, but it also indicates that you value them as part of the team. Alongside this plan, encourage training and be honest about their progression to ensure they know exactly where they’re going in the business.

Put together a competitive benefits package

This almost goes without saying, but don’t undermine the worth of their work with a low salary or minimal benefits. If possible, we recommend tailoring a benefits package to each employee, including your support staff. If not, make sure your benefits package is competitive across the board when looking at other companies. Flexible working, health insurance and opportunities for training are all great places to start.

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Find ways to make them feel included

If your receptionist is manning the desk by themselves, it can be quite an isolating job. It’s easy for them to feel like they’re not part of the team, especially if their desk is separate from the rest of the office. The easiest way to encourage inclusivity is to initiate and invite them along to company social events . Even after-work drinks at the pub go a long way to making sure that one of your hardest-working staff members feels included. Someone who feels like they are an integral part of the company will definitely be more likely to stay for the long-haul.

Separately, ask your receptionist for feedback on the role, the systems and processes; invite them to speak up on areas for improvement. Seeing their suggestions implemented, no matter how small, will go a long way to helping them feel as though they’re part of the family.

Offer realistic support

If you’ve never been a receptionist yourself, it can be hard to know the exact tasks they manage on a daily basis. The hundreds of phone calls, emails and conflicting requests are only a small part of their workload. If your receptionist needs support on the desk, the best thing you can do is ask them what they need. If it’s an extra pair of hands during peak phone times, consider hiring a temp to cover those hours. Whatever it may be, listen to your receptionist and take it seriously when they need help.

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Author Rebecca Siciliano Tiger Recruitment Team

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