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Unfortunately, redundancies are a part of working life. If it hasn’t happened to you, the thought of being made redundant might seem unimaginable and terrifying, and if it has, you will know that it is not terribly enjoyable. However, being made redundant doesn’t have to be a bad thing. If you turn it around in your favour then it can be a very positive thing. Instead of looking at it in a negative way, think of it as a challenge and turning point in your life that will lead to a new and exciting future. It is going to be daunting and you need to think about how you are going to go about moving forward, but if you change your mindset, you might find it to be a more positive experience than first thought.

Understand the process

It’s not every day that someone is made redundant, therefore the way it works and the processes it involves are not going to be clear. Make sure you sit down with your manager or the key decision maker in the company to understand what is happening, when you have to leave, what pay you should expect and what rights you have. Being made redundant will often come out of the blue and be very unsettling, so being able to clear things up in your head will make you feel calmer and in the know. You will also need to know what your financial situation will be and how long you can afford to be out of work.

Switch your mindset

It is not going to be easy being told you are being let go but if it happens, it happens, and it will happen to a great number of us. You need to pick yourself up and think positively, focusing on the next stage of your life. It may be the job you were in wasn’t what you wanted for your life plan anyway and now is the perfect opportunity to change that! Try not to dwell on the negatives and think of the ways you can pick yourself up and turn the situation around so it works in your favour.

Think about your options

It is now time to grab the opportunity to really think about what you want to do with your career and weigh up your options. If you were really happy in your job and have no interest in changing career then that’s fine. Hopefully your previous employer will be understanding of the situation and offer some guidance – they may even have some contacts for you at a similar company or for a similar role. The important thing is not to rush into anything. If you are struggling financially and haven’t decided on the next step, why not join a temping agency and try to secure a bit of work to tide you over? You may have used recruitment agencies to get your last job, so call them up again and tell them what has happened and let them know you are now looking again.

You may decide you want a complete career change, in which case you will need to think about the steps you need to take to do that. Maybe you have always wanted to start your own business? Now is your chance! You should try and have as clear a view as possible about what you want and try to be specific – this will help in your future endeavours.

Start networking

We all know that as a jobseeker, networking is crucial. Now is the time to make the most of your contacts – speak to friends and family, tell them of your situation, what you’re thinking of in terms of next steps, and see if they can put you in touch with someone who may be able to help. Find out about any events going on that may be beneficial and really try to build up your professional network. Make sure you don’t put things off. You may now have a lot of time on your hands but there is no time like the present and you never know what opportunities may pass you by!

Keep yourself occupied

You will now have a lot more time on your hands. It can be very easy to fall into the trap of being lazy and unproductive, sitting at home and putting off the job hunt, but you are just making it harder for yourself and delaying the inevitable. If you’re not ready to start the job search quite yet, then use the time to get things done; it will look much better to future employers to say you’ve been active and busy. Why not learn some new skills or a language and take a course? You might have always wanted to go traveling but been too stuck in your job to do so. If you have the finances and it is still on your wish list then perhaps this is the time to do that!

Start the job hunt

There’s no need to rush into anything but try and start the job-hunting process as soon as you can, if that is what you want to do. Register with recruitment agencies, update your social media profiles, especially LinkedIn, and keep the momentum going!

Being made redundant isn’t going to be easy, but it doesn’t need to be negative. Be optimistic about the situation and confident about your future and you will be back doing what you want to do in no time!

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Author David Morel Tiger Recruitment Team

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