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Hiring a personal assistant (PA) or virtual assistant (VA) can quite literally transform your work life or even your private life. They are able to oversee all administrative elements of your life, freeing you up to focus on other parts of your life.

Is it worth the cost of hiring someone to take care of it for you?

Simply put, yes it is! You are going to be far more productive in the office with an efficient PA by your side. You can concentrate on running the business or doing whatever it is that produces revenue. You will have more time on your hands to do those parts of your job which have the greatest effect.

The key is in hiring the right personal assistant. Beware the adage: a good PA halves your workload and a bad PA doubles it.

An efficient PA will act as an effective gatekeeper, organise your diary and travel itineraries and sort through mountains of admin. In time, they will learn to second guess your requirements and as they sync in with the way you like to work, you’ll find they quickly become invaluable.

In time, a good PA will have got to grips with the administration side of the role and have systems in place to make sure that things are running as efficiently as possible. This means they will have time to take on additional projects and create even more value for the business.

There are a lot of PAs out there – some great ones, but awful ones as well. To give you a heads up, a bad PA will book you on the wrong flight, organise two meetings at the same time, book you into economy when you are used to travelling business class and hide the paperwork she is meant to be filing in a drawer.

If you’re in London, it’s best to go through a London recruitment agency. This way, you’ll have candidates that come recommended and you know have the right skills and capabilities. You will also have access to references to ensure their performance is consistent.

A good virtual assistant is equally as effective. The key difference is that they will be working remotely or from home. The nature of the work will likely be different and they might be booking holidays, managing household staff or working remotely on your behalf, making sure your business or private affairs are in good order. A bad private or virtual PA could have catastrophic consequences. For instance, they might have access to your bank accounts!

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