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Some of you may wonder what happens after you register with Tiger – what does the consultant do for you after the registration?

After collating all your information, we enter it into our database, ready to be filtered for roles. Once a role comes through, we filter our search according to the job specifications and locations. Some of our jobs are very specific in their requirements, so although you may think that you would be suitable for that role, there may be specific skills or attributes that you do not possess.

We usually select a small number of candidates that we deem suitable for the position and contact you to see if you are interested. From here, we submit your CV to the client and if they too deem your CV suitable, then we arrange for first interviews. As you can imagine, trying to organise a time that is convenient for both the client and candidate can be quite a process!

At any point in this process, if your situation changes, it’s imperative you let your consultant know. If you have arranged an interview and are offered a role elsewhere, or something comes up that restricts you from attending, it’s worth dropping a quick call to your consultant, explaining the situation. This way, the client’s time isn’t wasted.

After the first round of interviews there will generally be a second and possibly third round as well. Throughout the process, we will collate feedback from both you and the client, ensuring that you stay informed. It will also take some time to organize times for the second and third interviews.

Once the client has made the decision on which candidate they would like to employ, the process of negotiating and closing the deal begins. We aim to look after the best interests of our clients and candidates so there can be lots of going back and forth before both parties are happy with the terms and conditions of the contract.

However, our partnership doesn’t end there. Just because you may successfully gain employment through Tiger, it, does not mean that you can’t call us any time with queries or a general follow up on how you are going. We even receive calls from candidates when fixed term contracts are coming up for review to see if what is offered is suitable or not. We are always happy to assist our candidates, whether they are new to Tiger or have been with us for quite some time, so please do not hesitate to call.

For those of you that do not here from us for a little while, it is still important for you to touch base with us.

If anything changes, email your availability and updated CVs through to your consultant. They’ll be able to update your details and circulate this to the wider team.

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Author David Morel Tiger Recruitment Team

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