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At Tiger, we believe that volunteering offers a fantastic opportunity to give back to the community while giving you a sense of purpose and helping someone in need. Through volunteering, individuals also acquire invaluable transferrable skills for the workplace. Whether it be signing up to a turtle conservation programme abroad or volunteering in your local charity shop, it is important to recognise that your CV is your platform to portray these skills to any future employer when on the job hunt.


Volunteering constantly brings people together and requires you to work collaboratively. Whether it be building or brainstorming, when volunteering you’re all working to accomplish a common goal.  You are constantly required to work as a team with people from different backgrounds as well as those who may have different opinions – two common themes that can occur in the workplace. Considering this, volunteering can provide a solid example of teamwork as well as the ability to compromise and come up with solutions that work for everyone, which are all vital skills on your CV.


Communication is key when volunteering and a crucial skill to add to your CV. From volunteering, you will have experience communicating with people of different ages, culture and backgrounds. The ability to do so is also an invaluable skill in the workplace that future employers will be looking for. Understanding and adapting to different communication styles whilst conveying your own message is a fantastic skill for your CV gained from volunteering and essential when looking for a PA job or want to work in a private household.

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Volunteering requires a positive attitude as well as ambition, initiative, organisation and a drive to succeed. All attributes that are applicable to leadership. Adding examples of when you have utilised these leadership skills through volunteering is only going to improve your CV and show a future employer your capabilities and future potential.

Increased compassion

Last but not least, compassion is an important personality trait to portray on your CV as well as essential in volunteering. Compassion results in understanding others, kindness and willingness to help other people which are all invaluable attributes for the workplace. From adding volunteering to your CV, you can provide solid examples of compassion to successfully show any future employer.

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Author Rebecca Siciliano Tiger Recruitment Team

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