Why temping could be your best career move yet

Five businesspeople temping in the office, talking over projects and presentations.

When you think about your career, temporary work probably isn’t the first thing that springs to mind as an avenue that will lead you to your dream role. In reality though, a temp job in London can provide great in-roads into incredible careers you may not have even thought about. Here’s why:

1. Immediate availability

We take a number of briefs from clients for permanent or temp-to-permanent positions who, for various reasons, can be quite inflexible with their required start dates. These are the clients who wouldn’t consider a one month notice period, let alone three months. They need someone to fill the role quickly, and they’re prepared to hedge their bets to see if it works out. If you’re in a temp role and are available straight away rather than needing to give notice, you’ll open the door to being considered for many more opportunities.

2. You’ll learn new skills

Holding a variety of roles across diverse businesses and industries will mean you’re exposed to host of systems, processes and environments that will only serve to magnify the breadth of your skillset and experience. You’ll be able to boast a number of different skillsets which will ensure you stand out from the rest as a far more attractive and (from our perspective anyway) placeable candidate.

3. Networking

Temping in a number of different environments also means you’re meeting a huge amount more people than you would otherwise encounter on a standard long-term position. Make the most of it and put yourself out there. Talk with confidence to those holding positions of seniority and drop into conversation that you’re in the market for the perfect dream role. If you’re good at what you do and make a positive impression, it will be your name that pops into people’s heads if they hear of something suitable.

4. The temporary role could become permanent

We see it all the time: ambitious candidates who are bored in their permanent roles and yet don’t possess the right experience on their CVs to be considered for jobs above their level. Temps, however, have the upper hand in that they’re already in with a company, so that when the right permanent role pops up, the hiring manager is already aware of their drive, ambition and intelligence and is therefore more likely to assign them to the role. That temp has just leapfrogged a couple of levels. What’s more, they didn’t even have to interview against other candidates to secure it!

5. Flexibility and balance

Life shouldn’t be all work, work, work after all. Temping puts you in the driver’s seat. You’re in control of your hours, what you earn (within reason!) and where you work. With the rise in virtual working too, you could even work from home easily if you wanted to. That last minute trip to Paris that you couldn’t do because work couldn’t let you go? When you’re a temp, you can just do it. Some of our clients even prefer candidates who have the life skills gained by travelling the world. That work life balance is also critical because it allows you the mental space to really think about what you want.

If you’d like to consider temporary work, register now or get in touch.

Author Rebecca Siciliano Tiger Recruitment Team

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