4 reasons why you shouldn’t recruit on your own

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Recruitment agencies are available to make everybody’s lives easier. Whether you are looking to recruit one, or many members of staff, using a recruitment agency can be extremely beneficial for a number of different reasons.


Your recruitment consultant will be able to provide sterling advice. You will be able to ask questions that you may struggle with if you were to recruit on your own, such as salary brackets, benefits packages and job titles. They know all the latest market trends and when the best times are to recruit.

A recruitment agency has a broad knowledge of how job descriptions should be written, which responsibilities are of importance and how you will be able to utilise your future member of staff. You will be able to ask for the advice of the recruitment agency on how best to conquer personality clashes, and which candidate types would best suit your requirements.

Your recruitment consultant will be able to provide honest and detailed feedback from each candidate following their interviews. This will enable you, as the client, to be able to gather a better understanding of how the candidate feels and what they appreciate most about the position. This way you will be able to determine what is most appealing to the candidate and will be able to understand whether the role would be a good fit for them and if it would work well in the long run.


A good recruitment agency will provide a guarantee period. A guarantee period is put into place so that if a candidate does not work out how you had hoped, or vice versa, the agency will be able to provide you with a replacement at no extra cost. It is extremely rare that we experience this requirement at Tiger Recruitment, as our goal is to provide candidates for the long haul, rather than brief stints within a company.

You will also be guaranteed to receive a shortlist of the best-suited candidates to your wants and needs. Your consultant will be able to set up all interviews for you, ensuring that each candidate is prepped and ready for their interview. Your recruitment consultant will ensure that each interviewee is going to show up and will ensure that they know the most effective travel route to their interview.

A recruitment agency can also guarantee confidentiality between both yourself, the client, and the candidate. Whether the position is for a UHNWI or whether it is a confidential role at your company, a recruitment agency will treat any requirement with discretion. Your company name will never appear on a job advertisement with a recruitment agency, meaning ultimate discretion is achieved.

Candidates rather than applicants

When reaching an interview stage, you will not need to trawl through countless applications trying to find your perfect future staff member. Instead, a recruitment agency will be providing you with candidates, rather than applicants to a job. You will be able to pick and choose from a shortlist, making the interview process far more streamlined and far less time consuming.

When discussing roles with candidates, a recruitment consultant will take the time to brief each person regarding the role. This way, the candidate knows exactly what to expect, and will have a greater knowledge and understanding of the company and team. By doing this, a consultant will ensure that only the most interested and enthusiastic candidates are put forward.

Most support staff recruitment agencies will take the time to test each candidate. They will be required to take testing for Microsoft Office and typing speed. These tests confirm that each candidate has the right skillset for your role.

Less work for you

A recruitment agency will take the time and effort to source the best candidates to fill your roles. Most agencies will meet with their candidates on a 1:1. This way they will be able to understand their skillset, personality and experience. By doing this, they will be able to provide the best candidate, taking into account your requirements.

Using a recruitment agency when hiring temporary staff is very efficient. An agency will have a pool of excellent temporary workers, which they will be able to provide to you at very short notice. Rather than taking the time to interview each candidate yourself, you will be able to put your trust in an agency to provide top tier options quickly and efficiently.

You could also save a significant amount of money when advertising through a recruitment agency. Rather than taking the time and financial effort in posting advertisements online, in newspapers, and on other media platforms, your recruitment agency will be able to advertise on the most effective job posting platforms, attracting the highest-calibre candidates to your job.

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Author David Morel Tiger Recruitment Team

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