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Two hearts drawn out of the sand on Love Island, representing the reality TV show.

For the minority that don’t know, Love Island is one of the UK’s most talked-about and loved programmes gracing our televisions this season, with this year’s first episode raking in a record 3.3 million viewers. What most of us won’t contemplate when settling down on the sofa for the umpteenth night, swapping our glass of rose for a hot chocolate, is how Love Island can actually benefit us on a recruitment level. Yes, I said it–Love Island can weirdly but wonderfully be linked to the way we go about finding a new job.

Love Island fans will know there are numerous sayings and quotes that are repeated multiple times by contestants each year. What they won’t have considered is the recruitment lessons behind each one. So, if you’re indulging in this year’s series while searching for that new dream position, enjoy these top tips!

1. ‘100% my type on paper’

When searching for that dream partner, we all have a type. The same goes for your dream job. One size certainly does not fit all and when on the job hunt, we are all looking for something specific and unique. Every company and every jobseeker is different and it is all comes down to fit. With this in mind, your CV should reflect this too. When applying for a new job, you really want to ask yourself: What are they looking for? Does my CV reflect this? Am I their type on paper?

Your CV is a hiring manager’s introduction to you – in order to secure that interview, be their type on paper. As we all know – first impressions count!

2. ‘All eggs in one basket’

When it comes to job searching, take a leaf out of the cast’s book: don’t put all your eggs in one basket. It’s rare that the first job you apply for is the one you end up getting. Don’t be afraid to see what else is out there, in both industry and job role. Moreover, don’t ever say no to an interview opportunity you’re unsure about (unless you’ve already got a job, of course). You’ll either come out pleasantly surprised and thankful you went or comfortably assured that it’s not quite right for you.

3. ‘Grafting’

Hard work pays off! Whether it be with finding a new partner or finding a new job, with hard work come success! Rejection is unfortunately part of the job-hunting process, but don’t let this turn you off – you will get there! There’s a role out there for everyone.

4. ‘I used to be in Blazin’ Squad’

Viewers of series past could have found themselves repeating this phrase in their sleep, considering how much Marcel said it.

When it comes to both your CV and interviews, be sure to not repeat yourself. This will be picked up on quickly and could jeopardise your chances, as it shows you’re not confident in your answers. If you are asked a similar question or feel yourself saying the same thing over and over, take a deep breath and think about a different way of approaching the answer, perhaps using an alternative example. An interviewer is never going to judge you for taking a considered and detailed approach to a problem or question – in fact, it demonstrates that you have the same approach in your working life.

5. ‘I’ve got a text!’

…said no one in an interview ever. Turn your phone off!

So next time someone scoffs at your Love Island chat, remind them that there’s much to learn from your nightly hangs with Caroline, Ian and co. You never know how it could help you in your search for your dream job!

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