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Sometimes, it can be incredibly hard to get yourself into a productive rhythm. The sun may be shining or you may be finding it hard to concentrate on the task at hand. Luckily, there are some very simple and extremely effective ways to increase your productivity within the work place.

Manage your time

Organise yourself. Take the time to prioritise your workload. By completing more complex and lengthy tasks first, you will be able to focus on simpler tasks later in the day. Take the time to make a check list and go through this each day, ensuring that each box is ticked off before the end of the day. Try to allocate time accurately – if you complete something before the allocated time that is a great bonus!

You could also allow yourself a ‘treat’ at the end of a long and tedious task. Something as simple as a cup of tea and a biscuit may be incentive enough! It will motivate you to finish the task sooner, rather than procrastinating. By working in bursts and then taking short, sharp breaks you will improve productivity enormously. You cannot always be working to your full potential if you are constantly stuck at your desk. Take the time to take lunch – you need energy to perform to your ultimate potential!

Never time waste! Take a deep breath and get going. You will find that you will develop a rhythm and get work done far quicker. Remember, by putting work off, it will only put you under more stress later down the line. Assess when the best time for you is – some find it easier to complete work first thing in the morning, whereas others work best in the evening. Work out what works best for you and use this time effectively.

Just say no!

Remember, you are only human. There is only so much that you can take on without breaking! If you are bogged down with work and are approached to do something else, just say no! It may also be worth thinking about delegating tasks to other members of staff. They may be able to help you and enable you to complete your workload efficiently.

Of course, there are plenty of people out there who are keen to help out wher ever required. Some people do struggle to say no, if you feel that you can plan your time effectively and can factor in the additional workload, then feel free to take it on. Just try to avoid getting worked up and stressed when you do not necessarily need to do so.

Get the perfect working environment

It can be impossible to work hard when you are surrounded by paperwork. Try to organise yourself. Create filing systems and use them! Try to keep your desk clean and tidy. Avoid any unnecessary stress. At the end of each day, take the time to clean your desk. File away all documentation and get yourself ready for the next working day. Do try to avoid cups and plates piling up on your desk from lunch time. Remember, clean desk, clean mind!

You will also need to do this on your computer. Whether you work from a desktop or from a company server, try to organise all documents into their relevant folders. This way, both you and your colleagues can access files quickly, without wasting valuable time. Keep your inbox tidy too. By organising your emails into separate folders, you will be able to access them easily at a later date when you could need them urgently.

Do hang coats and bags up. The last thing you want to be doing is an obstacle course around your wardrobe in the office! It also avoids any tripping hazards for both yourself and your colleagues who may be too busy to look out for attire and accessories!

Isolate yourself

Sometimes, when you have a strenuous task to complete, it can be worthwhile taking the time to isolate yourself. You can do this by taking yourself off to a separate room, or even by plugging yourself in to your iPod and listening to music without your colleagues distracting you. Music can also help to stimulate the mind – why not give this a try when you are working to your next deadline?

If your role requires answering the telephone or meeting and greeting, do ask your colleagues to help you. This way you will be able to focus on your workload and get your task done far more quickly. You would be surprised how minor things can distract you easily.

Your mobile phone is a huge distraction. With modern day smartphones, we are constantly receiving notifications. Whether this be texts, emails, social media, phone calls – your phone buzzing all day, every day, is going to drive you to distraction. Turn your phone so it is face down and ignore it until you take a break.

Me time

Importantly, you do need to make time for yourself. By working 24/7 you will exhaust yourself. Of course, most workaholics like to work late – and sometimes this is necessary. But when you get the chance, relax! Take the time to wind down in the evening, get into bed early and let your mind rest. Some people would rather sit in front of the television, others like to talk about their day to off load, and most like to have a glass of wine! Whatever you feel helps you best to have some ‘me time’, do it.

Make the most of your weekends. It is hard to avoid your work emails, particularly if they come through to your mobile phone. But remember, your weekend is your set time to relax. Make the most of it! Unless you have an urgent matter, put down your emails and give yourself time to breathe – you deserve it!

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