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In the creative industry, events such as product launches, press events, workshops, dinners and other celebrations are always on the calendar. That said, it’s also possible that you need the right staff to help organise them on an adhoc or contract basis. As leading creative industry recruiters in London, we can source the right people to help. Whether you need an event manager to oversee the planning and executing of a film launch, or extra office support staff to make preparations for an upcoming dinner, we’ve got your temporary event staffing needs covered.

Event managers

Whether in a short- or long-term capacity, an event manager liaises between the directors, sales, operations and marketing teams in order to bring the event together. This person will manage the budget for your event, and sort out any AV or equipment headaches! For more detail, see our event manager job description template.

Events assistants

When hiring event staff in London, know that a great events assistant could make or break your event. Often on the ground at the event site, they will be in charge of ensuring branded items for events arrive on time, help setting up or packing down and assisting the events manager with their role. As a top marketing temp agency in London, we expect events assistants to be across all social media platforms in order to promote the event in the best possible way. When registering events assistant candidates, we’re also looking for a bubbly personality and creative thinker.

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Admin or business support staff

This position may not immediately come to mind when looking at your event staffing requirements, but hiring extra admin support staff will transform your event from good to great. An office assistant can organise event prep like goodie bags, name cards and guest lists. We often see PA and office manager candidates with experience in events, who love this aspect of their roles.

Tiger Recruitment is one of the leading event staffing agencies in London. Get in touch with your temp requirements today!

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