Man feeding a giraffe with his hand

Tiger Recruitment 2021 charity

Tiger Recruitment’s mission is to commit to the community in which we belong, the environment in which we operate and the health and wellness of our people. As such, we fundraise for a specific charity or foundation each year.

We are also committed to protecting our environment. Wherever we can, we cut our use of natural resources and encourage our staff, suppliers, partners and clients to also support responsible and sustainable development.

The Tristan Voorspuy Conservation Trust

Tiger has chosen to partner with The Tristan Voorspuy Conservation Trust (TVCT), a Kenya-based charity set up in May 2018.

As a great philanthropist passionate about conservation, Tristan was dedicated to the protection of the landscape and its animals. The trust, set up in his memory, aims to continue this passion, funding recognised charities that share a mission to create a harmonious co-existence of animals and landscape across Kenya.

They do this through by supporting communities through education, healthcare, family planning, as well as directly aiding the rangers on the ground who often risk their lives to protect wildlife. Tiger will be partnering with TVCT on a number of initiatives, supporting primary health care projects and wildlife conservancy efforts.