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Tiger Recruitment 2024 charities

Tiger Recruitment’s mission is to commit to the community in which we belong, the environment in which we operate and the health and wellness of our people. As such, we fundraise for a specific charity or foundation each year.

We are also committed to protecting our environment. Wherever we can, we cut our use of natural resources and encourage our staff, suppliers, partners and clients to also support responsible and sustainable development.

Business 2 Schools

Our new charity partner for 2024 is Business 2 Schools.

The charity connects businesses with state schools so that they can ethically donate their unwanted equipment. In doing so, they help schools and children gain access to computers and other necessities that would usually not be attainable due to a lack of budget.

Additionally, the charity has a great environmental impact, as unwanted furniture and technology are put to good use and recycled, rather than ending up in landfill. With schools often needing to replenish equipment every 10 years (on average) and businesses every 3-5 years, this allows schools plenty of use in their re-housed devices.

The last three years has also successfully seen the charity re-home approximately £30M worth of furniture and tech in UK state schools, with one success story seeing a donation benefit a junior school that went on to achieve SAT results above the national average for the first time.


The Helen Bamber Foundation is a human rights charity, aiming to support survivors of trafficking and torture to ensure they are free, healthy, safe and protected from victimisation, detention, and poverty.

Founded in 2005, the Foundation employs specialist teams of professionals who provide therapy, medical advice, legal protection, housing and welfare, counter trafficking and help with integration into local communities.

There are at least forty thousand survivors in the UK and hundreds of thousands worldwide who are in need of the care that is vital for sustained recovery. The Helen Bamber Foundation aims to support survivors by:

• Reducing the risk of exploitation faced by Survivors of trafficking globally through policy and practice change.
• Delivering cutting edge research that shows what works in helping Survivors to recover.
• Ensuring that more Survivors of trafficking and torture get the level of care that they need.
• Increasing support for Survivors living in areas in the UK where there is none.
• Expanding the number of Survivors who get international protection as a result of accessing medical evidence.
• Amplifying clients’ lived experience and raising the voices of all Survivors.

We are so pleased that we are supporting these charities and causes for 2024. Watch this space for news on fundraising and events throughout the year.

Get in touch with our CSR Committee to find out more about our work with our charity partners.