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Tiger Recruitment 2023 charity

Tiger Recruitment’s mission is to commit to the community in which we belong, the environment in which we operate and the health and wellness of our people. As such, we fundraise for a specific charity or foundation each year.

We are also committed to protecting our environment. Wherever we can, we cut our use of natural resources and encourage our staff, suppliers, partners and clients to also support responsible and sustainable development.

James’ Place

Tiger is very excited to announce their new charity partner for 2022, James’ Place.

After much thought, Tiger have chosen James’ Place after a majority voted that this charity is the cause we would like to support the most. As a company we share their belief that the mental health of men is not vocalised enough in our current society and James’ Place are at the core of changing that!

James’ Place was started in May 2008 by James’ parents Clare Milford Haven and Nick Wentworth-Stanley, following his sudden and unexpected death at 21 years old. He committed suicide 10 days after a minor operation. James went looking for someone to talk to about his suicidal thoughts. but couldn’t find the urgent help he needed.

Suicide is the leading cause of death of men under 50 in the UK. James’ Place want to make sure that help is available for every man facing a suicidal crisis and support them to find hope for the future. They offer specialist therapeutic help to men who fall in an identified gap in service provision; not showing signs of severe mental illness, but at great risk of taking their own life. The support given my James’ Place is focussed on the individual and is available free of charge.

We are so happy that we are supporting this charity and cause for 2022, please watch this space for news on fundraising and events!

CSR Committee.