Employers, what are you doing to encourage employee wellbeing?

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A common area of interest for our clients is their employees’ wellbeing at work, as the benefits they reap from a happy workforce are endless. The pandemic has forced employers to focus on the mental and physical health of their staff – with employee retention being just one of the many advantages. When 80% of staff feel that work negatively impacts their lives[1], it’s never been more important to introduce initiatives that will help your employees with their wellbeing at work.

Here are some of the key benefits of cultivating a wellbeing culture:

Meditation or yoga break

If your employees work in a stressful or high-pressure role, why not organise a meditation or yoga session during the day? Many organisations are now using mindfulness meditation to empower a happier and healthier workforce and are experiencing benefits such as better teamwork, improved leadership skills, and higher levels of employee engagement. You can bring in an external teacher to lead a 40-minute class at lunchtime, or encourage your employees to take a 15-minute break for an individual session through a free meditation app.

Dog-friendly office

Dogs truly are man’s best friend, and while there are pros and cons to introducing our furry friends into an office, their presence does reduce stress and increase workplace satisfaction. Obviously, there are challenges that come with introducing animals into the office, so this initiative won’t be for every workplace. If you do choose to go ahead it’s important to implement a clear policy, like planning visits in advance, or trialling each dog on a quieter day before they can be promoted to office pooch.

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Office playlist

It may seem like a small incentive, but giving your employees the opportunity to choose music throughout the work day will encourage a more relaxed environment. Music is such a powerful tool that can also bring co-workers together by providing a bonding experience through their favourite tunes.

Healthy office snacks

Providing healthy office snacks, such as a fruit basket, encourages both physical and financial staff wellbeing, which your employees will definitely appreciate! Not only will they save money on office snacks, but it will also encourage them to eat something that’s beneficial for their energy levels throughout the day. Another great idea is a sparkling water tap to replace unhealthy, sugary soft drinks.

Reward healthy habits

Some companies like to encourage health habits in their employees through a rewards scheme. This could be anything from a program to encourage employees to quit smoking, to drinking eight glasses of water a day. Whatever you choose to focus on, make sure there’s a clear system in place to track your employees’ performance. The secret is to encourage rather than criticise your employee if they don’t reach their goal, or it could foster an environment of secrecy and dishonesty.

If you’re looking to implement one of these wellbeing initiatives, it’s important to understand exactly what matters to your employees! Send around an online survey to ask what changes your staff would like to see, and don’t try to implement too many at once. Make sure you review these initiatives on a regular basis to ensure your employees are getting the most out of their experience in the office.

If you’re looking for more insight about workplace wellbeing and how to attract the best talent, speak to one of our consultants today!

[1] https://www.charliehr.com/state-of-employee-engagement

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