Top five mistakes that will hold you back in an interview

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We know that interviewing has the potential to make even the most confident candidate incredibly nervous and, in some cases, even panicked. It will therefore come as no surprise that anxiety can be the number one cause of silly mistakes in interviews. From clammy hands to speechlessness, to needless chatter, don’t let nerves get the better of you!

Ensure you’re fully prepared and be aware of these common blunders. Advance preparation will minimise any barriers to securing the job of your dreams!

1. Not preparing

We can’t emphasise it enough: Lack of preparation is the reason why time and again, candidates don’t succeed beyond the first interview. Research the business, see if they might have been in the press recently, and look up your interviewers on LinkedIn. Consider how you might approach curveball questions, and know your CV like the back of your hand.

2. Not presenting professionally

No matter how casual the dress code is for the business to which you’re applying, ensure you’re dressed professionally. But presentation doesn’t just come down to clothes: it also applies to body language. When most prospective employers make a decision within the first few minutes of meeting you (sometimes before you’ve even opened your mouth), you will want to ensure your personal appearance and demeanour is on top form.

3. Lying

Sadly, many candidates will feel the need to lie so as to win their interviewers’ affections. Don’t fall into this trap! Firstly, they’ll likely see straight through you and call your bluff. Secondly, if you actually secure the role, you’ll soon find yourself in an awkward position when the subject arises again.

4. Bad mouthing your previous employer

We know there are employers, colleagues and bosses out there who are awful. But displaying animosity towards them will only serve to shine a negative light on you. No matter how reasonable your complaints, you will only ever come off as showing disrespect. When describing your professional experiences, you can certainly describe the ‘challenges’ you overcame, but always ensure your place a positive spin on the event.

5. Not matching their communication style

Every interviewer will be different. Some will have had lots of interview experience and be very clear on what they want to achieve from the interview. Others might be a little more inexperienced. Making a great impression will be that much easier if you mirror the communication style of your interviewer, and will allow the conversation to flow much more naturally. For instance, if your interviewer is quite curt and to-the-point, don’t attempt to loosen them up with jokes. If they prefer a more personable approach, feel free to try and get to know them by discussing his / her interests.

If you’ve made it to the interview stage, the employer will already be feeling positively towards your experience. They may even think that you’d be right for the job, so it goes without saying that you’re already in a very promising position! By honing your interview techniques and polishing your style, you’ll secure those job offers and lay the groundwork for a marvellous career.

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Author David Morel Tiger Recruitment Team

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