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Congratulations, you secured your dream job! Now it’s your chance to really prove yourself and show your new company exactly what you are made of. The first day in a new job can be nerve wracking. The idea of meeting a whole new team of people, getting used to a new route to work and making first impressions count! Set yourself the highest possible standard for your first day, and keep your work ethic at this level. Take a deep breath, keep a calm head and walk into that building with your head held high – you can do this!


Prepare for your first day. Often your first day will be a Monday, so make sure you have a nice, quiet weekend. Give yourself the chance to relax and get ready for your new venture. The night before your first day, take the time to prepare your slick new outfit. Get your shirt ironed and hung up ready for you to put it on. Get a decent night’s sleep and allow time to wind down. By getting into bed early, it will allow your mind and body to relax and gently drift off. If you can think of anything you can do the night before your first day to make life easier, do it. This may be topping up your Oyster card or even just lint rolling your jacket.

You are likely to be on an initial probation period in your new role. You will need to continue to wow your employer, just like you did in your interviews. Study the website and really get to grips with exactly what they do. It can also help to look over the job spec again, just to remind yourself of your responsibilities. Then think about the ways you can use your transferable skills in this new position. Your first few days may consist of intensive training so the more you know prior to your inaugural day, the better.

Take the time to think about your travel route. Download the app Citymapper to work out the best route. You are likely to be taking a new route to work, so you will need to know it back to front. Get to grips with which tubes, buses and trains you may need to take. If your new job requires driving, do a test run to ensure you know the exact length of time it will take you to travel. Remember, first impressions count so never arrive late – it will only add stress to your day!

Remember to turn your phone on silent, or off completely. You are likely to be inundated with calls and texts from everyone you know wishing you all the best on your first day in your fabulous new job – but the last thing you need is a constant buzzing coming from the bottom of your bag!


Channel your nerves into positive energy! Positivity is integral to your career. Nobody wants a negative person on their team bringing everyone else down. Show your employer that you are the positive, proactive person they need to make their business work.

Pay attention to those around you. Get to know your surroundings and build relationships with your new peers. Building relationships with your colleagues is an integral part to happiness within your job. Pay an interest to your colleagues, and try to gather an understanding of their role and what they do.


Never be scared to ask questions. It actually shows that you do care about your new role and that you are keen to learn and take on work. The more you know, the easier your job will be. You will be able to do more for your new company, colleagues and importantly, for yourself. Your new employers understand that you are new and that you may not know where the stationery cupboard is just yet. Ask your colleague for help and save the time you would have taken to work it out yourself!

Remember to bring a notepad and pen with you to your first day – use this as your bible and make detailed notes. You can always keep this on your desk to refer back to at a later date. You will also need to learn which tasks within your role take priority over others. Take the time to sit down with your new boss and get them to explain this to you in order to manage your new work load efficiently.

Get organised

It may be beneficial to get a ring binder and file all of your paperwork in it. You may need to refer back at a later date and scraps of paper can be easily lost. Categorise each document so you can find it easily and quickly. Start a check list and tick off everything you have completed each day, this way you will not miss anything. Use your Outlook diary to set reminders too, you will avoid missing deadlines and impress your new employer.

Work your socks off

Of course you will, it goes without saying – just remember to do everything in your power to blow your new employers away. An employer will always notice whether you are committed to the role by arriving early and staying late, and they will most certainly notice if you are out of the door as ‘home time’ arrives. Be the person who went into the interview room and stunned the employers with your skills, experience and knowledge and you will truly will ace your first day, probation period and succeed in your new job – best of luck, you can do it!

Author Rebecca Siciliano Tiger Recruitment Team

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