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Let’s be honest, the job search is not a holiday. Often tedious and time-consuming, it can be hard to maintain positivity. That said, you must be persistent and do not let rejection get you down. The key to job hunting is being both realistic but optimistic.

Keep Calm

You may see a role online that may not have been run past you by your recruitment agency. There could be a reason behind this. It could be that the company may not be right for you and what you are looking for, or it may be that the person or team that you would be working with do not have the right personality fit. That said, do express your interest to your consultant – it never hurts to ask.

Remember, whether you are applying for a job through a recruitment agency or directly, job applications and CVs will be vast and arrive in high volumes each day. Just because you have sent your CV forward for a role, it may not mean that you will successfully achieve an interview, let alone secure the job. Be patient – there are hundreds of other candidates out there and some may fit the job spec and requirements slightly more than yourself.

There are hundreds of people who are actively looking for a new job. Although this may feel somewhat disheartening when going for interviews, there are also hundreds of jobs which arise each day. Never focus on just one job as you will only be disappointed should your candidacy not be successful.


Set yourself realistic targets. Never go to a recruitment agency requesting a 50% pay rise on your last salary – it is a high expectation and extremely unlikely. Be open minded and flexible; your recruitment consultant will be able to discuss excellent opportunities that you may have discounted by setting such high expectations. Seek advice from your recruitment consultant, they will be able to advise you on what salary to expect and which industries would suit you. Do not be scared to pick up the phone and ask them!

When going for an interview at a potential employer, remember that you may have to return for a second, or even a third interview. Use your time wisely and set yourself the target of securing the next interview. You have your foot in the door and now it is your opportunity to push that door open and walk through.

Check In

Always keep in contact with your recruiter or potential employer. You will want to be kept in the know. However, you do not want to become a stalker! By checking in with your recruitment consultant, you will demonstrate your interest and enthusiasm in a role which you may have applied for, or even interviewed for. Following an interview, always provide detailed and thorough feedback to your recruitment agency. This displays a keen interest in the role and shows that you have listened to the interviewer. Your feedback will be passed on to the potential employer and could be the reason as to why you are selected over another applicant. If you are yet to hear back from your recruitment consultant or interviewer, it will not hurt to check in and see if they are able to provide any feedback for you. Feedback from the interviewer is crucial to your job search, so treat it as constructive criticism. Never feel disheartened when facing rejection from an interview; learn from your mistakes, as this will only strengthen your interview skills and tactics.

Although it is important to check in and follow up with your recruitment consultant, never become too much. Your recruitment agency will be working on a high number of positions, not just the one you have applied for. So try to avoid chasing and contacting too regularly. A consultant should always contact you as soon as they receive feedback from a client, whether it be positive or negative. This will then be passed on to you immediately.


Try not to get upset, should you not get your own way when applying for jobs and interviewing. The best thing to do when job hunting is to stay positive. Avoid holding a grudge against your recruitment agency/consultant or even your interviewer. There will be a reason behind every decision made. You are relying on your consultant to find you that dream job, and being bitter could jeopardise your chances in achieving employment with your dream job or company. A consultant will always remember when a candidate has behaved negatively towards them.

When registering with your agency, remember to display your positive attitude. No-one likes a negative Nancy! When registering, your consultant will be getting to know you and acting as though they are wasting your time will certainly not help to achieve your employment goals. When you have reached interview stage, you must again display a positive and motivated attitude to the interviewer. Be the person that everyone wants to be around, rather than the one that everyone wants to avoid.

Author David Morel Tiger Recruitment Team

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