Tiger’s Q4 market update

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Over the last quarter (October-December), we experienced a flurry of business activity which demonstrates how employers are continuing to outsource their recruitment activity in light of the 3.8% unemployment rate.

The data shows that UK employers are still prepared to offer higher salaries to secure top talent in this candidate-short market. For example, the average salary rise for placed candidates increased in December in comparison to November – 21% vs 18%. Salary rises have been particularly prevalent in PA recruitment: if you’re looking to hire a personal assistant in London, keep in mind that PA/EA roles placed between £55K-£65K increased by 25%, compared to Q3.

In Q4, the data revealed that:

When reviewing your retention strategy for secretarial staff, it’s worth noting that 13% of our candidates cited ‘looking for a new challenge’ as their reason for leaving, up 1% from Q3. By providing opportunities for your staff to learn new skills or become involved in projects, you’ll help alleviate their feelings of not feeling challenged.

If you’re looking to recruit staff this year, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Author David Morel Tiger Recruitment Team

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