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The search for a job in London can be a full time job in itself. However, there are ways to make the process easier, including registering with a recruitment agency. Employment agencies in London specialise in placing candidates in roles across a range of industries and can help you secure your next dream role.

Choosing an agency

Firstly, you need to think about your needs. What job are you looking for? What industry do you want to go into? You can get generalist and specialist agencies, so if you know exactly what you want to do – you want to be a PA, for example – look for an agency that specialises in administrative and PA recruitment. If you have no idea what route you want to go down, look for a generalist agency who will have a number of different roles that might be suitable. Have a look on the agency job pages on their website to see the roles they have advertised to help you decide which might be most suitable. You might have certain employers you want to work for; perhaps you could find out who does their recruiting and get in touch with them.

It’s always good to ask friends and colleagues if they have any recommendations too. Tiger offers a £250 reward for any successful referrals for permanent positions and other agencies can offer similar, so it works in your friends’ benefit.

How do you register with job agencies?

The process of registering with a job agency in London will vary from agency to agency, but usually you will submit an initial enquiry online. You may then be invited to meet with a recruitment consultant for an interview. During this meeting you will have the chance to talk about your CV and career goals. It’s not only skills and experience that make an impression;, this is also an opportunity for your consultant to get a sense of your personality and what roles and company cultures may suit you best.

Don’t be afraid to register with a few job recruitment agencies in London or elsewhere. By placing your CV in front of as many job agencies as possible, you’ll increase your chances!

Finding the perfect role

Once you’re registered with a London job agency, you’ll be considered for jobs that fit your skills and preferences. It’s not uncommon for London employment agencies to ask you to complete skills testing – these online tests will assess relevant skills such as your touch-typing speed and Microsoft Office proficiency.

Should your consultant wish to put you forward for a role, they will check with you to ensure you wish to be considered for the position. Generally a shortlist of candidates is shared with the company seeking to hire, and they will make the decision to invite a selection of people to interview.

Recruitment Agency

The perks of using a recruitment agency in your job hunt

Your consultant will support you in every stage of your job hunt. The collaborative nature of securing work through a job agency will save you time and may also expand your professional horizons as you could be considered for roles you wouldn’t have otherwise heard about.

Many job agencies also offer interview training, CV advice and professional development opportunities to candidates, all at no cost.

Some London recruitment agencies offer assistance with securing temp roles as well as permanent contracts. Temping in London can be a great way of gaining confidence and experience, making ends meet while hunting for a permanent role, or working flexibly alongside other commitments. There are both specialist temp recruitment agencies in London, as well as industry-specific agencies in London that cover both temporary and permanent placements.


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