Please read the below when registering with Tiger

Thank you for choosing to register with Tiger Recruitment Limited. We hope that we can assist you with your job search, whether permanent or temporary. In the current market, we are hearing of an increasing number of incidents concerning the behaviour of a number of “rogue” agencies behaving unscrupulously.

Tiger Recruitment Limited promises to never send your CV to clients without your prior authorisation. We ask that you agree to this confidentiality agreement, which states that you will not in any circumstance release the name of any client, or the details of a position, that a Tiger Recruitment consultant speaks to you about.

You, as a registered candidate of Tiger Recruitment Limited, hereby confirm that the information given throughout the registration process is true and correct. You have omitted no facts that could affect your future employment. You understand that Tiger Recruitment Limited, in accordance with our legitimate interest to provide work finding services, will collect and process your personal data. Tiger Recruitment will use your personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy. You understand your references will be contacted should your job search include temporary work. If, during the course of a temporary assignment, the client wishes to employ you directly, you acknowledge that Tiger Recruitment will be entitled either to charge the client an introduction/transfer fee, or to agree an extension of the hiring period with the client (after which you may be employed by the client without further charge being applicable to the client).