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There’s no doubt about it: London is an incredible place to live and work. The City boasts a deep-rooted history as the hub of financial services, evidenced by the stunning architecture and consistent buzz of activity. Cross over to the West End and you’ll experience some of the best retail therapy in the world, from the tailors of Jermyn Street to the luxury brands of Bond Street. Whether you’re looking to work for an exciting start-up in Shoreditch, a global financial institution in the City, a creative agency in Soho or a family business close to home, you’ll find it in London. As a PA, opportunities abound as a wide breadth of industries continue to flourish and grow.

If you’re considering a move to the capital and are applying for PA or secretarial jobs in London, these pointers should nudge you in the right direction.

1. Location

If you haven’t yet moved to London, consider where you want to live first as this may dictate your place of work. This city is a BIG place. A PA role in West London, for example, might be at least an hour’s difference in terms of a commute, compared to a PA position in the City. The City of London also represents a very different culture and lifestyle compared to the West End and other parts of London.

2. Perfect your CV and cover letter

If you’re moving to London from abroad, there’s a possibility your CV will need to be updated in line with the UK standard. We recommend updating your CV to be about two pages in length. Keep the formatting simple and easy to read. As a PA, there’s no need to design your CV to the extent that the visual look and feel overshadows the content. We’ve also put together cover letter tips to help you stand out from the crowd.

3. Cultural fit

As specialists in PA recruitment, we can confidently say that there is an etiquette yardstick that candidates are measured against in London. While organisational culture will differ from one organisation to another, the mark of a top PA is normally evidenced by their proactive attitude, professional approach and discreet demeanour.

4. Consider temping to get your foot in the door

Taking on temporary jobs in London can represent huge advantages to PAs for a host of reasons. Working across different industries with a variety of teams will give you an insight into what’s available and what might offer you the best fit. Secondly, experiencing different systems and platforms means that you’ll develop a robust set of skillsets that will make you a far more attractive candidate to potential permanent employers.

5. Networking (the face-to-face kind)

Networking can present a terrifying prospect for many, but the opportunities that arise from networking can be vast! If you’re new to London, put yourself out there and start talking! Registering with recruitment agencies is a good place to start. Next, subscribe to some of the industry publications. They often host events for PAs and EAs – meeting others in your field may open some doors. On a personal level, get out and about to explore all of London’s delights! You never know who you might meet.

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