Tarot cards Tarot, the fool card in the foreground.



As an intuitive empath, clairvoyant and spiritual coach, Tanya has spent decades developing her natural abilities, using her finely tuned senses to deliver guidance, insights and messages from a higher source in a very real, modern way. Through her personal journey, she has been guided and given a great understanding of life and its simple complexities by Spirit. She has a strong connection with tarot, which is just one of the tools she uses to dig deep in to the soul and help find its true purpose.

Tanya understands that experiences are personal, yet having been placed on a very ‘colourful’ life-path, she has gained knowledge and understanding through experience that complements her work.


Tanya provides a safe, trustworthy non-judgmental place in which your principal can access knowledge that sets their soul free and allows their spirit to soar to great heights. With her fresh, no-nonsense approach, vast knowledge of the metaphysical world and many psychic skills, Tanya can guide your principal through any life difficulties they may be experiencing, any blocks they may have or any other deep-rooted issues that are getting in the way of living the life they want. Tanya tunes in to the personal energy field of your principal, which, along with the use of tarot, can help them gain solutions to problems, learn valuable insights about themselves and others, help them to view events differently and promote deep healing on a soul level.