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Tiger Virtual can help you find your next virtual PA job in New York City and beyond – A rewarding career choice for those looking for a truly flexible lifestyle.

We work with a number of prestigious US-based and international clients, partnering with them to place permanent and temporary virtual assistant jobs. Whatever your requirements, we can help find your next remote-working role from our list of virtual assistant vacancies.


If you’re considering a virtual assistant job in the US, know that it is a fantastic avenue for EAs and administrative staff looking for increased flexibility in their professional lives. Someone working in a virtual PA job will use all the skills that they have developed as an onsite EA role, but work remotely. As such, they’ll provide remote assistance such as managing travel itineraries and diaries, organizing meetings and events, writing reports, conducting research and managing projects.

With such a wide range of skills, a VA in NYC (or further afield) can also help with a variety of personal tasks, depending on the requirements of the principal. These might include travel planning for a family, running personal errands or lifestyle management.


We guarantee our clients high-quality virtual assistants in NYC and beyond, which is why our vetting process is stringent.

If you want to be put forward for a virtual personal assistant job, you will undergo a face-to-face interview with one of our consultants and complete skills testing before being placed in a position. You’ll also satisfy the following:

  • Experience working as a virtual PA
  • Full connectivity (e.g. smartphone, Skype, high-speed internet and a computer with the MS Office suite)
  • Four professional references
  • Sign an NDA and be happy to adhere to strict quality control methods
  • Complete full MS Office and typing tests


Finding a remote assistant job in NYC is a simple and stress-free process. Instead of investing time in developing your own list of clients, we bring them to you.

Bookings can range from a few hours a week to a full-time project or even permanent, full-time work, depending on the requirements.

Our established payroll system means you don’t need to chase invoices – we’ll look after the entire process, ensuring you receive your hourly rate and any agreed expenses in a timely manner.

So, if you’re looking to find a virtual assistant job from home, register with us or browse our live job listings today.


Are you looking to hire a virtual assistant? Tiger Virtual has an ever-growing database of experienced, vetted virtual assistants who are ready to work.