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At Tiger HR, we make human resources recruitment simple and effective. Our experienced team specializes in sourcing candidates that are tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring you hire the best HR professional for your organization. With our main office in New York and extensive networks of HR recruiters worldwide, we’re equipped to assist employers across the US find quality HR staff.

What is Human Resource Management?

What is Human Resource Management?

Human Resource Management, or HRM, encompasses the strategies and practices that manage staff and the workplace environment. It includes a wide range of activities, from recruitment to performance management to ensuring compliance with employment laws. HRM aims to maximize employee performance and satisfaction while meeting company goals.

What are Human Resources?

What are Human Resources?

Human Resources (HR) refers to the team of professionals responsible for putting HRM strategies into action within a company. They take charge of a wide array of HR duties, from analyzing performance data to organizing training sessions and enforcing disciplinary measures. By aligning the organization’s goals with the wellbeing of its employees, the HR team plays a crucial role in supporting both the company’s success and its workforce’s satisfaction.

What is a Human Resource?

What is a Human Resource?

A human resource refers to the individual employees who work for a company. These individuals are seen as valuable assets that need management and support to ensure they remain motivated and productive in their roles. This is where HR steps in by ensuring that the workforce is satisfied and effectively contributing to the company’s objectives.

Core Areas of HR

There are several essential elements of effective HRM. These include:

Compensation and Benefits

Fair compensation and comprehensive benefits will attract, motivate, and retain employees. The HR department will work with the organization’s budget to create a package that is competitive in the market. This ensures that the company can easily fill vacancies and retain high-performing employees.

Diversity Equity and Inclusion

A DEI specialist develops and implements strategies to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. They facilitate training, advocate for marginalized groups, craft policies, and analyze data to ensure fair treatment and opportunities for all employees, fostering a culture of belonging and respect.

Employee experience

An employee experience practitioner focuses on enhancing every aspect of the employee journey within an organization. They design and implement programs, policies, and initiatives to improve employee satisfaction, engagement, and wellbeing, ultimately creating a positive and meaningful workplace environment.

Global mobility

A global mobility specialist manages the relocation and assignment of employees across international borders. They handle visa processes, tax compliance, cultural integration, and logistical arrangements to ensure a smooth transition for employees and their families, supporting the company’s global talent strategy and business objectives.

HR Data and Analytics

HR data and analytics allow the HR team to make smart decisions. By looking at the data from employees, HR can spot trends, predict what the company will need in the future, and choose the best actions to help the organization and its employees do better. This approach helps the company perform well and keeps employees happy by making decisions based on solid facts.

Human Resources Information Systems

Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) are the tools used by the HR department to complete activities. HRIS enhances efficiency by automating routine tasks, improving data accuracy, and providing strategic insights through analytics. This allows the HR department to focus more of its efforts on creating and implementing strategies that help the organization achieve its goals.

Learning & Development

Employee learning & development (L&D) is another fundamental role of the HR department. They will develop L&D programs that ensure employees have the skills needed to perform their roles, while also aligning with the organization’s budget. By supporting employees in learning and growing, the company increases their job satisfaction and benefits from having a more skilled workforce.

Organizational development and design

An organizational development and design specialist focuses on enhancing organizational effectiveness and efficiency. They analyze structures, processes and culture, implementing changes to align with strategic goals. They lead initiatives such as change management, talent planning, and performance management to optimize the organization’s structure and capabilities.

Performance Management

Performance management is essential for an organization because it helps ensure that employees’ activities and outcomes align with the company’s goals. The HR department will ensure that each employee in the workforce is meeting performance standards. This includes setting and sharing performance expectations, monitoring progress, and supporting employees to meet their targets.

Recruitment & Selection

An organization needs a skilled and capable workforce to be a success. The HR department will ensure this with effective recruitment & selection practices. They will create job descriptions, source candidates, and perform interviews to find the best fit for the role. They will also ensure that all recruitment and selection processes are compliant and consistent to protect candidates and the organization.

Succession Planning

Succession planning is an important strategy in HR management that focuses on finding and preparing the next generation of leaders for the company. It’s about making sure there are always qualified people ready to step into important roles, which helps keep the company stable.


We specialize in connecting organizations with a wide range of HR professionals, tailored to meet your specific needs. From foundational level to senior positions to specialized HR roles, we have the expertise and network to find HR staff to support your HR function and business strategy.

These are a few of the HR roles that we can source candidates for:

Human Resources Administrator

A human resources administrator handles the day-to-day activities of the HR department. They will support various administrative tasks, such as managing HR documentation and maintaining employee files. This role is needed to maintain organizational efficiency and to support other HR activities.

Human Resources Officer

The human resources officer is a mid-level HR role that will oversee all HR duties. They will help with implementing HR policies, managing employee relations, and supporting the recruitment process. Hiring an HR generalist will help your company effectively execute HR practices.

Human Resources Generalist

Also known as an HR advisor, an HR generalist handles a wide range of HR tasks across various functions, including recruitment, employee relations, benefits administration, and compliance. They provide support to both employees and management, ensuring HR processes run smoothly and effectively to meet the needs of the organization and its staff.

Human Resources Manager

Human resources managers fill a senior-level role where they will manage the HR team. They will oversee all HR practices and processes, from recruitment to payroll to employee benefits. An HR manager will help your business ensure your HR programs are coordinated, compliant, and supporting success.

Personnel Manager

A personnel manager oversees the administration of employee-related policies. Key tasks often include recruitment, onboarding, and training. They also manage staff performance and ensure legal compliance, making them critical hires for overall business efficiency.

People Business Partner

A people business partner aligns the HR strategies with business objectives. They focus on strategic initiatives like talent management and organizational development. Hiring a people business partner is crucial if your business is looking to improve workforce productivity.

Head of People

The head of people implements the HR strategy and policies. They will work across all departments to ensure that the strategies are being executed correctly and gaining the right results. Hiring a head of people is essential for cultivating an engaging and supportive workplace.

Director of People

The director of people sets the direction for the company’s HR strategies, working closely with senior management to align HR practices with business goals. Having a director of people on your team ensures that HR initiatives are strategically contributing to your company’s long-term success.

The Tiger stamp is a mark of quality, so you can be assured that you’ll receive a first-in-class service and shortlist that perfectly match your brief and company values

Why Choose Tiger Recruitment As Your Human Resources Recruiter?

Our HR recruitment specialists understand that hiring HR staff is key to core business functions. From assisting with change management, placing talent acquisition specialists, and sharing best-practice D&I advice, our human resources recruiters will go above and beyond to support your business’s people strategy.

Specialised HR recruitment agency

Specialised HR recruitment agency

Tiger HR is a leader in HR recruitment across the US, serving employers from NYC and Austin to Boston and Chicago. Our HR recruiters customize the recruitment process to meet your unique needs, ensuring the selection of top HR professionals for your organization. Our approach is designed to seamlessly integrate with your business, providing you with the best HR candidates.

Efficient and Time-Saving Solution

Efficient and Time-Saving Solution

Our recruitment process is both efficient and economical, designed to quickly identify the best talent for your needs. As soon as we have discussed the brief, we utilize our database and sourcing tools to quickly start sourcing top talent. Our honed recruitment methodology ensures that we make a placement that delivers value and longevity, avoiding the costs of making the wrong hire.

Access to a Wide Range of HR Roles

Access to a Wide Range of HR Roles

Our capability as professional HR recruiters gives us access to a vast and experienced candidate pool across the US. When shortlisting a role, we will review both passively and actively seeking HR professionals. This broadens the scope of potential candidates, ensuring we can bring you high-quality applicants to your advertised role.

Long-Term Partnerships

Long-Term Partnerships

We are proud to deliver a service that keeps our clients coming back for more. Our experienced team of HR recruitment experts hold themselves to the highest standards, exemplified by a portfolio of clients we have partnered with for years.

These enduring partnerships allow us to streamline the hiring process, allowing us to be an integral part of your HR strategy.

Industry Expertise and Knowledge

Industry Expertise and Knowledge

With an exhaustive understanding of your needs and of the HR space, our consultants are in a unique position to identify exactly what will make the perfect candidate for your business. Our meticulous recruitment strategy, extensive industry knowledge, and wide-reaching network ensure that we consistently place exceptional HR professionals in roles across the US.

Extensive Experience in HR Staffing

Extensive Experience in HR Staffing

With an expert team and Tiger’s decades of experience in HR recruitment, we can assist you with sourcing any HR roles. These range from senior-level professionals to specialists across employee experience, employer relations, talent acquisition, people & analytics, and learning & development. We’re equipped to support your HR staffing requirements, no matter how specific or broad they may be.

Access To Top HR Candidates

Access To Top HR Candidates

As specialist human resources recruiters, our consultants source candidates from a pool of experienced and carefully vetted jobseekers. We meet all our candidates face-to-face or by video call for a 30– to 60-minute interview, taking the time to become familiar with their experience, skills, values, and ambitions. This careful selection process ensures we connect you with candidates who will make a long-term impact on your organization.

How to Find and Recruit HR Staff Through Tiger Recruitment

We take the hassle out of finding and recruiting quality HR staff. Our approach is designed to understand the intricacies of your business, ensuring a seamless fit between your needs and our recruitment solutions.

Here’s how we streamline the process to connect you with the ideal HR talent:

Understanding Your HR Staffing Needs

Understanding that each business’ needs are different, our consultants begin by taking the time to comprehensively understand your requirements and company values before starting the recruitment process. This is the key to our outstanding service, as it allows us to make bespoke searches tailored to your unique requirements.

Personalized HR Staff Matching

Our human resources recruiters have spent decades developing an innovative and meticulous approach to matching the right people with employers of choice. With a vast network of jobseekers and an in-depth knowledge of your business goals and values, we ensure that we create bespoke shortlists, tailored to you.

As part of our shortlisting process, we consider the professional background, values, qualifications, experience, and skillset of each jobseeker. This allows our consultants to provide a shortlist of candidates who match both your role requirements and business values.

Expert Guidance in Recruiting HR Staff

With a wealth of knowledge and expertise in HR recruitment, our service does not stop at handling job vacancies. We can also advise you on team structuring, DEI practices, learning and development, benefits trends and salary benchmarking.


Effective communication in HR is crucial as these members of your team are responsible for facilitating clear interactions between management and employees. Our professional recruiters assess this skill by observing a candidate’s ability to explain thoughts clearly and listen actively.


HR professionals often guide teams and influence company culture. Our team of recruiters evaluate a candidate’s leadership potential by discussing past experiences where they’ve led projects or teams, looking for evidence of their ability to inspire and direct others.


Your HR department needs to anticipate issues and take the initiative to solve problems before they escalate. Our recruiters look for candidates who demonstrate a forward-thinking mindset and a track record of proactive behavior, ensuring that they can adapt to changing organizational needs.


Coaching skills are important for HR staff to support employee development and performance improvement. Tiger recruiters will assess this by exploring candidates’ experiences in mentoring roles and their approach to fostering growth in others.


The ability to provide sound advice on HR policies and workplace issues is a key skill for HR professionals. During the initial call, our recruiters evaluate this skill by discussing scenarios in which candidates have offered guidance to both management and staff, ensuring that they can act as a knowledgeable resource and trusted advisor within the company.


Your HR department needs to work well together and across your entire organization to achieve business objectives. Our experienced recruiters will determine if a candidate has this skill by examining their approach to collaboration and conflict resolution.

Customer Service

HR professionals are the first point of contact for employees’ queries and concerns. This means they need to possess empathy and professionalism, which our recruiters will look for to ensure they can provide high-quality support.

Data Analysis

Data analysis skills enable HR professionals to make informed decisions on optimizing HR processes and improving overall organizational performance. Recruiters look for a candidate’s proficiency in analyzing HR metrics and generating insights that can guide strategic planning.

Permanent, temporary and interim HR staffing

Our comprehensive marketing and candidate sourcing methods have been refined over many years, ensuring we can fill any HR role that you need.

Fixed Term Contracts

Fixed Term Contracts

Our team can expertly match candidates to fixed-term contract positions. This service is ideal for covering maternity leaves, long-term projects, or transitional periods within your HR department. We ensure that these candidates have the skills and experience necessary for the specific role.

Permanent Recruitment

Permanent Recruitment

Our permanent placements service is designed to find candidates who will be a long-term asset to your HR team. We take a thorough approach to understanding your business objectives and company culture, enabling us to present candidates who will thrive within your organization.

Business verticals we recruit for

The Tiger HR agency works with a range of businesses in a variety of industries in North America. Our human resources recruiters work with investment banks, professional services, property companies, PE firms, FMCG, creative companies, tech start-ups and SMBs to name a few. As leading HR recruiters, we’re able to source talented and experienced staff across the board, from human resources management to employee experience professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of human resource recruitment?

The role of human resource recruitment is to identify, attract, and select suitable candidates to fill job vacancies within an organization. This process involves assessing the needs of the company, promoting job openings, and evaluating applicants to ensure they meet the desired qualifications and fit the company culture.

What is the difference between HR and HR recruiter?

HR typically works in-house and, depending on the size of the team, their role might look after anything from onboarding to employee experience to organizational development and design.

An HR recruiter specifically hires HR professionals that specialize in the above.

What is the highest salary of HR recruiter?

Data from Tiger Recruitment’s latest salary survey shows that HR recruiter salaries range from $100,000 to $250,000.

Is recruiting part of human resources?

Yes, recruiting is a fundamental aspect of human resources. The aim is to fill vacancies with qualified individuals.

What is recruitment in human resource management?

Recruitment in HRM is the strategic process of finding and hiring people to fill open positions within a company. It includes creating job descriptions, advertising vacancies, screening applications, conducting interviews, and selecting candidates.

How does human resources recruit employees?

Human resources recruit employees by first identifying the need for new hires and defining job requirements. They then advertise these opportunities through various channels to reach potential candidates. HR will then screen applications, conduct interviews, and select the most suitable candidates.

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