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Welcome to From the Tiger’s Mouth! Tiger Recruitment’s podcast series is the number one place for workplace insights, thought leadership and topical issues across the global job market. In each episode, we’ll be inviting an expert guest to share their thoughts and advice within their professional field. Whether you’re looking to reinvent the way you run your business or to hear new opinions and ideas on the state of the market, we’ve got you covered! So, if that sounds like your kind of thing stay tuned!

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From the Tiger’s Mouth: Maximizing Executive Efficiency – The Evolving Role of Administrative Assistants

Managing Director Rebecca Siciliano speaks to Lucy Brazier OBE, CEO of Marcham Publishing and leading authority on the administrative profession. From PAs to EAs, Rebecca and Lucy explore all the latest trends in administration.

This episode shares frameworks to upskill assistants, opportunities to embrace AI, top tips on delegation, and more.

From the Tiger’s Mouth: Strategies For Aspiring Female Leaders

Happy International Women’s Day! In this empowering podcast episode, we dive into the world of leadership with a focus on strategies tailored for aspiring female leaders. Join us as we bring together a panel of accomplished professionals from Tiger Recruitment, each with a unique perspective on climbing the career ladder, overcoming challenges, and thriving in leadership roles.

Our esteemed host, Katie Hawksley-Blackburn, a senior recruitment consultant at Tiger Recruitment, leads an insightful conversation with a dynamic lineup of guests. From the Managing Director, Rebecca Siciliano, to the Director of the London City office, Angela Lopes, and the Head of the MENA region, Zahra Clark, to the Head of Zurich, Jane Leese, our panel represents a diverse range of leadership experiences and backgrounds.

Tune in to gain valuable insights and practical tips on navigating the corporate landscape as a female leader. Our guests share their personal journeys, discussing the obstacles they faced and the strategies they employed to succeed. Whether you’re just starting your leadership journey or looking for ways to advance your career, this episode provides a wealth of knowledge and inspiration.

Discover how to build resilience, cultivate a supportive network, and leverage your unique strengths as a female leader.  This International Women’s Day, empower yourself with the tools and strategies needed to not only survive but thrive in leadership.

Join us for an engaging and uplifting conversation that celebrates the achievements of women in leadership, while providing actionable advice for those aspiring to make their mark. Don’t miss this special episode!

From the Tiger’s Mouth: Empowering Neurodiversity at Work

HR Consultant, Jamie Power, interviews Dr Samantha Hiew, award-winning professional speaker and Founder of ADHD Girls, which she founded after receiving an ADHD diagnosis at the age of 40.

With neurodivergent individuals making up 15-20% of the global population, this episode addresses steps for businesses to empower neurodivergent workers and reap the rewards of a diverse workforce.

From the Tiger’s Mouth: Bringing Games Into Your HR Strategy

HR Consultant Jamie Power and Andy Yeoman, Strategic Developer at Totem Learning discuss what games can bring to your business. The conversation exhibits key insights into the value of gamification in HR.

This episode looks at how HR teams can use games and gamification to improve  recruitment and onboarding processes, foster positive work environments and improve team dynamics.

From the Tiger’s Mouth: Cultivating success with employee wellness and mental health initiatives

Tiger New York’s Senior Consultant Jessica Krisburg, sat down with Jessalynn Hudgins, founder of Whole Health Wellness, to discuss how HR teams can leverage employee wellness initiatives to improve mental health, workplace morale, and resonate with jobseekers and employees alike.

They also analyse the future trends in employee wellbeing, how HR teams can utilise technology to support wellbeing policies, strategies that companies should take note of, and much more.
Listen to the episode below!

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Author Amy Laiker Tiger Recruitment Team

Empowering Neurodiversity at Work

Businesses have long been focused on DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) efforts and, in the past few years, advances have been made to address gender, race, and ethnicity as employers strive…

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