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Welcome to From the Tiger’s Mouth! Tiger Recruitment’s podcast series is the number one place for workplace insights, thought leadership and topical issues across the global job market. In each episode, we’ll be inviting an expert guest to share their thoughts and advice within their professional field. Whether you’re looking to reinvent the way you run your business or to hear new opinions and ideas on the state of the market, we’ve got you covered! So, if that sounds like your kind of thing stay tuned!

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S1, E1 From the Tiger’s Mouth: Out with Traditional Appraisals

Is it time to re-think employee appraisals? Many staff and employers would say so, and our latest podcast guest agrees. Tiger’s MD, Rebecca Siciliano, talks to Paul Marsh, Founder of HR service company Lightbulb. Find out why he thinks “it should be more about conversation and less about documentation” and much, much more!

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