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Welcome to From the Tiger’s Mouth! Tiger Recruitment’s podcast series is the number one place for workplace insights, thought leadership and topical issues across the global job market. In each episode, we’ll be inviting an expert guest to share their thoughts and advice within their professional field. Whether you’re looking to reinvent the way you run your business or to hear new opinions and ideas on the state of the market, we’ve got you covered! So, if that sounds like your kind of thing stay tuned!

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From the Tiger’s Mouth: The power of AI in HR

Technical Consultant Arian Hasanyan, discusses the hot topic of AI and automation with Devon Lovell, People Partner and HR Consultant at Fitzgerald HR. The conversation unveils key insights for businesses to elevate their HR function.

This episode looks at how HR teams can use AI and automation to reduce their administrative burden, improve talent acquisition, create a company strategy and policy around AI, and more.

From the Tiger’s Mouth: Cultivating success with employee wellness and mental health initiatives

Tiger New York’s Senior Consultant Jessica Krisburg, sat down with Jessalynn Hudgins, founder of Whole Health Wellness, to discuss how HR teams can leverage employee wellness initiatives to improve mental health, workplace morale, and resonate with jobseekers and employees alike.

They also analyse the future trends in employee wellbeing, how HR teams can utilise technology to support wellbeing policies, strategies that companies should take note of, and much more.
Listen to the episode below!

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