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Questions to ask every interviewee

When hiring HR staff, a personal assistant or other business support position, it is essential to get the interview right. The judgment you make at the end could have dramatic consequences for your team or your business. Therefore, before every meeting with a potential employee, it is worth the hiring manager taking time to prepare

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How to conduct a phone interview

Updated 29th January 2021 Whether you’re hiring an executive assistant or HR staff, there are many different types of interviews you will encounter – panel, face-to-face, video, competency, technical… the list goes on! Each of these have their time and place depending on a variety of factors. Similarly, there are situations where conducting a phone

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Ten of the most creative job ad examples

In today’s recruitment market it can be pretty tricky to stand out from the crowd on a standard job board. When the listings start to fade into each other, the roles responsibilities all look alike and the benefits can’t be distinguished from one to the next, it can be tricky to get a feel for

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