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Tiger are thought leaders in the field of diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace. The company holds itself to a principle of ongoing, open conversation with its employees around best practice and continuous improvement of DEI policies and processes. With this forward-thinking attitude, Tiger has remained a true reflection of the many different individuals in the organization throughout its growth. We are thus able to bring a working knowledge of this important aspect of office life to every Diversity & Inclusion client consultation.

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What is Diversity & Inclusion?

Every commercial enterprise has a duty to provide care and fairness to their employees, regardless of differences like race, disability, gender, age, nationality and faith, and in fact they must follow laws put in place to ensure this is provided. But because a one-size-fits-all approach will never work in such a diverse world, it’s highly recommended that a company has a Diversity & Inclusion team to attend to our many different needs.

It’s the job of D&I professionals to understand the day-to-day challenges that people of various backgrounds and abilities may encounter, and strive to create equality in the workplace. Their role entails staff training and education, ensuring office accessibility,  assessing diversity and inclusiveness of company processes, communications and workforce, and much more.

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Diversity & Inclusion roles we recruit for

Our experience in recruiting Diversity & Inclusion experts has allowed us to understand the nuances across different D&I roles. As such, we can assist from administrator through to director level in the following areas:

  • Diversity & Inclusion Advisor
  • Diversity & Inclusion Specialist
  • Diversity & Inclusion Manager
  • Head of Diversity & Inclusion
  • Director of Diversity & Inclusion
  • Chief Diversity Officer
  • Diversity Program Manager
  • Diversity Coordinator
  • Diversity Business Partner
  • Diversity Consultant
  • Diversity Trainer
  • Inclusion Specialist
  • D&I Analyst
  • Diversity Assistant
  • Diversity Intern
  • VP of Diversity
  • Head of Diversity
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Our commitment to diversity and inclusion within our workforce has been there from the outset of Tiger Recruitment. We ensure our team are kept fully up-to-date with the laws and business best-practice in this area; knowledge that they will bring to your consultation and full hiring process.

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If you’re looking to hire Diversity & Inclusion staff in New York, contact us here.

Internationally, our Diversity & Inclusion recruitment agencies in London and Dubai service clients in the UK and MENA regions. Our recruiters can source Diversity & Inclusion managers across these locations, in Europe and even further afield.

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