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Close Protection Recruitment

If you’re looking to hire close protection officers, the accomplished team at Tiger Private can help. As a leading agency providing support to private individuals, we specialize in sourcing high-quality private household recruitment for HNWI in the US. So, if you’re looking to hire close protection in New York or elsewhere, we can help on a contract or permanent basis.

Close Protection Experts

Tiger Private consultants each have a background in private household and lifestyle management, so understand the requirements of HNWI and their families, particularly the need for discretion. The process of a close protection hire includes screening and reference checking; we are also happy to sign non-disclosure agreements if required.

We represent close protection professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. Along with their professional achievements, we take our candidates’ values into account when matching them with employers to ensure the best possible fit.

What is close protection?

Close protection consists of an individual or team primarily responsible for ensuring the safety of a Principal and their family members. Known as close protection officers (CPO) or bodyguards, these professionals are employed in a wide range of contexts, providing support to UHNWI, diplomats, royal dignitaries, royal families, celebrities, politicians, and other high-profile individuals. Regardless of whether you’re looking to hire close protection in NYC or further afield, security jobs entail continual risk assessment and the development of plans to minimize and respond to threats.

It’s extremely important if you’re looking to hire a bodyguard that they have all the tactical skills needed to create plans and strategies to protect their clients. Some states require bodyguards to be licensed before holding the position, while others require bodyguards to have a postsecondary certificate or degree along with previous experience in security jobs. A personal bodyguard also needs specialized training in areas that include defensive techniques, disarming, weapon use, driving, CPR and first aid. While exact requirements depend on the Principal’s needs, responsibilities may include 24/7 protection of Principal and associates, travel planning, security of Principal on foot and in transit, crisis intervention and management, liaising with authorities, communicating with family members and responding to medical emergencies. Often, they can also advise on security measures within the home, office and other regular locations.

You may wish to hire close protection for yourself or a family member for greater peace of mind at work, home or while traveling. A good CPO will be vigilant, discreet, and attentive to your safety at all times. They will have a sound understanding of security logistics in multiple contexts and advanced communication skills that enable them to function swiftly and effectively.

Finding the right close protection candidate

We take a bespoke approach to hiring close protection, ensuring that the candidates you meet are of the highest standard and satisfy your requirements. Our CPOs are available in New York, wider US and internationally. Tiger Private has a dedicated temporary division, so we can also assist with hiring temporary close protection. No matter the location or job description, we can find the security professional for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find a few of our most frequently asked questions below. If you have further questions about the Close Protection Officer recruitment process, get in touch today!


What responsibilities can I expect a close protection officer to cover?

Although specific duties might change based on the Principal’s needs, some the typical responsibilities covered by a CPO may be: 24/7 protection of Principal and associates, travel planning, security of Principal on foot and in transit, crisis intervention and management, liaising with authorities, communicating with family members and responding to medical emergencies.

Can you source both permanent and temporary candidates?

Yes, we have established permanent and temporary divisions. Whether you’re looking to recruit a CPO on a temporary or permanent basis, you can trust our expert consultants to find you the talent you need.

What qualifications do the Close Protection Officers you recruit for hold?

Whilst there aren’t any official qualifications you should expect as standard, it’s important that, when recruiting for a bodyguard, you check their experience and probe on their tactical skills to strategize and protect their clients. Some US states may require a bodyguard to have a license, while others may require a post-secondary certificate or degree. Alongside any qualifications, you should always expect a suitable candidate to have experience in a similar position.

How much does it cost to hire bodyguards?

An average salary for an executive protection officer in the US will be upwards of $100,000, however this will increase exponentially, depending on the qualifications and experience needed.

Can I hire someone to protect me?

If you’re looking to hire close protection in New York, in the US or internationally it is best practice to go through a trusted agency who can vet the individuals properly on your behalf. An agency will be able to handle the paperwork, payroll and – importantly – liability of a temporary assignment or can assist with searching for suitable candidates on a permanent basis. As they usually have suitable candidates on their books, an agency should be able to assist you with hiring close protection to protect you within a very short timeframe.

How much do you get paid for close protection work?

An average salary for close protection work in the US will be upwards of $100,000 and can go much higher depending on the qualifications and experience needed.

Can you hire bodyguards in the US ?

Yes, it is possible to hire bodyguards in the US. Private staffing agencies in the US offer professional bodyguard services for various purposes. Whether you need personal protection for yourself, your family, or your assets, you can engage the services of trained and licensed bodyguards. These bodyguards are typically experienced in assessing and mitigating risks, providing close protection, and ensuring the safety and security of their clients.

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