Our temp recruitment team is SECO licensed and highly experienced in finding temp staff and filling temporary positions, in the fastest time possible.

Whether you’re looking to hire temp support for a day, holiday cover or a temp-to-perm solution, our temp recruiters will provide the support your business or household needs.

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We hire temp staff for a range of business support, HR, tech, finance and private positions, and have earned a reputation as a highly-respected service-driven consultancy. We hold a SECO license and are the go-to temp staffing agency in Zurich and wider Switzerland.

Our work doesn’t stop at the placement: thorough follow up is extremely important to us and we take great pride in ensuring that the process of hiring temporary staff is as stress-free as possible for you.


We can act as a payroll umbrella company for employers, where we payroll your temporary or interim workers on a monthly basis, processing their salaries, benefits, expenses and insurances, all while you maintain legal compliance. As a SECO-licensed recruitment company, we manage this for a number of firms who are looking for a quick solution to hiring temp staff in Switzerland.

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Our careful screening and selection process means that we do all the work behind the scenes to guarantee you match with the very best temporary candidates. To source temp or interim staff, simply follow these steps:

  1. Call your consultant (or dial +41 44 214 6109) to brief in your requirement
  2. On the call, we will ask you how long the requirement is likely to be for, what the job description entails, where the temp will be working and how soon you need them to start. We’ll also ask you what the permanent salary equivalent is so that we can ascertain the right level of candidate and provide you with an hourly rate as a quote.
  3. Depending on how long the assignment is for and the start date, you may or may not want to see a shortlist of CVs.
  4. If the temp assignment or contract is for a longer-term basis, you may wish to meet with them for an interview, which we are happy to arrange.
  5. You will receive an online timesheet for approval each week which you can query or approve with one click. An invoice will then be generated from us to you for every week that the temp is working with you. This invoice includes the temporary workers rate of pay, holiday and public holiday entitlement, employer social contributions and the employment business’ commission.
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Our consultants are available from 8.30am to 6pm Monday to Friday, and can also assist you with emergencies out of hours via email and phone.


FAQs about hiring temp staff

How do you screen your temps?

When we receive a candidate’s CV via a job advert or online, our consultants then meet them face-to-face for a minimum 30-minute interview to assess their suitability and test their skills, as well as check their eligibility to work and their references. Delivering a high-quality service is paramount to the way we work at Tiger.

Can you make sure that I only ever work with a temp who has worked with you before?

We work with a pool of long-term temps to ensure your role is filled by someone who is tried and tested – we will only ever send you the best possible fit for your organisation.

How do I check the hours the temp has worked?

Our online timesheet portal allows our candidates to digitally submit their timesheets straight into our payroll system each week.
The timesheet is then sent to the nominated authoriser to be approved with a one-click feature contained in an email.

How much do temp agencies charge for temps?

It depends on the seniority of the job. Temp agencies generally issue you an invoice for every week that the temp candidate works with you – this means that their working hours will be directly reflected in your weekly invoice. This includes the temporary workers rate of pay, holiday and public holiday entitlement, employer social contributions and the employment business’ commission.

How do temp agencies pay employees?

The temp candidate is paid by us directly and will receive a weekly pay check, pending the successful and timely approval of their timesheet.

How long can I hire a temp for?

Our temporary division is highly experienced in finding candidates who can temp in an organisation for a day, over several weeks or many months. It’s up to you!

What if I want to hire my temp permanently?

It’s increasingly common for companies to hire temp staff that they can “try before they buy”. This means that you have the benefit of working with the candidate directly before you take them on a permanent basis, with no notice period and without the admin of organising contracts or compliance.

What roles can I hire a temp for?

In addition to HR, tech and private household temp roles, we recruit for the following business support positions:
Account executive, administrator, administration manager, business assistant, desk assistant, events assistant, events manager, executive assistant, facilities manager, graduate, human resources manager, office assistant, office junior, office manager, personal assistant, private PA, receptionist, team assistant

I have a candidate I want to take on as a temp but I can’t put them on our payroll. Can you do that?

Yes, Tiger offers a payroll system for employers, making payment of your short-term employees easy! Our team looks after this on a weekly basis in addition to any expenses, bonuses and other pay processes. We ensure your temporary employees are paid on time and accurately, in complete compliance with legal requirements.

What if we don’t get on with the temp you’ve sent us?

In the unlikely event that the services of a temporary worker are unsatisfactory, we would work with you to resolve the issue immediately.

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